Bidens Administration Could Go Down in History for Most Jobs Cut…Ever

Bidens Administration Could Go Down in History for Most Jobs Cut…Ever

Joe Biden stood at podiums across the nation over the last year with a promise. He promised to offer hope. He promised to offer unity. He promised a lot. Now, as he’s taken up residence in the Oval Office, we’ve learned one thing: he breaks promises.

There’s no way to offer hope, unity, or an improved economy when he’s responsible for destroying so many jobs.

Each and every move made during his time in the White House is tied back to him, regardless of who is actually responsible for the decisions. After all, fair is fair. Everything done during Trump’s administration was blamed as “Trump did this.”

So, Biden will be blamed for cutting more jobs than any other president in history.

Middle-Class Americans are already starting to feel the effects of Biden’s administration.

On day one, Biden wrote an executive order that shut down the Keystone XL pipeline. That one decision destroyed over 10,000 jobs. It is estimated that Americans lost $2 billion in wages.

Biden’s also thinking about getting rid of the Dakota Access pipeline, which could destroy another 8,000+ jobs.

Why? Biden wants to claim that it’s the eco-friendly thing to do. However, it prevents us from being independent for our energy needs. Plus, Trump was a champion of the pipelines, so Biden wants to make sure to ax it for that reason alone.

It’s not just the pipelines that have resulted in a loss of jobs, though.

As Joe Biden is looking into military operations, he worries about redundancies. He also worries that there’s too much money being spent on defense. He, like Obama, would rather cut the military spending considerably so that the money can be spent elsewhere. If it leaves the country vulnerable to attack, so be it.

The Rebalance for an Effective Defense Uniform and Civilian Employees Act would allow the secretary of defense to reduce the number of federal jobs. Retirement and voluntary separation incentives would be used to help get the staffing to 15 percent less of what it is today by 2025.

A 15 percent cut would eliminate more than 100,000 federal jobs.

100,000 people would find themselves separated from the Department of Defense. While some would retire, others would be in the market for a job.

Sure, just find them another white-collar job. Easier said than done…

Biden has ordered that visa applications be accepted again. This was something paused by Trump to ensure that white-collar jobs were going to U.S. graduates first. With the visas being issued again, it means that people from all over the world with foreign degrees could end up getting employed over Americans.

When the country is suffering from a depression because of a global pandemic, the idea should be to create more jobs, not fewer.

The problem is that Biden doesn’t want to improve the economy. He doesn’t want to give Americans jobs. Instead, he wants more Americans to depend on the government. Through dependency comes control.

He’s turning the country into a socialist nation and hoping that people are too busy to notice.

We see you, Mr. President.

Representative Ken Calvert, a Republican from California, is the one who is all for introducing the bill that would cut 100,000 jobs. Although Republican, it’s clear that he’s thinking like a liberal on this one.

He believes that personnel is the biggest cost, with the civilian to uniform ratio being at an all-time high. He claims that “Our inability to correct that trend is eating away at our military, our procurement our readiness, all the above, and so we need to do this.”

So, having too many staff is going to have a negative impact on readiness? Think again. Civilian employees are the ones working behind the scenes to ensure that we’re always ready. If the uniforms have to deploy, those 100,000 jobs will make an impact.

If Biden’s planning on being included in the history books, it should be because he did what he promised. Right now, he’ll be included simply because his promises are as empty as his jar of marbles.


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