A Cry for Gun Control as Parkland Anniversary Reminds Biden That He’s a Liberal

A Cry for Gun Control as Parkland Anniversary Reminds Biden That He’s a Liberal

Biden pretends to be a moderate so that he can keep all of America happy. Then, something happens that reminds him that he’s a raging liberal.

As Parkland, Florida celebrates the third anniversary of a school shooting massacre, Biden is reminded that there needs to be gun control.

Would gun control have saved the lives of those at the high school? Probably not. Criminals don’t follow laws. It’s ridiculous to think that they’d follow gun control laws only to commit mass murder.

Biden’s statement last week was hardly sympathetic: “In seconds, the lives of dozens of families, and the life of an American community, were changed forever.”

Well, yeah. That’s what happens when someone with a mental illness grabs a gun and enters a school, taking the lives of 17 individuals.

This shouldn’t be an issue of gun control; it should be an issue of mental health.

However, Biden is a liberal. He thinks and acts like a liberal. So, instead of focusing on mental health to prevent such issues from happening again, he’s using the anniversary as a way to call on Congress to strengthen gun laws and require background checks.

Yep, because criminals won’t think to acquire their guns illegally.

Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of the state has already taken some important measures to prevent a Parkland-like issue from ever happening again. He has made sure that schools have the money to install panic alarms. Additionally, there are programs to prevent violence from ever occurring.

These types of safety measures are what are going to have a positive impact on saving lives in the future.

The liberals disagree. Many claim that the governor and the state’s Republican-controlled legislature have done little to keep the guns away from bad people.  The state Republicans have also opposed the ban on assault-style guns.

Why ban assault-style guns?

Banning such guns only keeps them out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. Anyone who means to use them for nefarious acts will find them. They’ll buy them on the black market. They’ll acquire them with fake IDs.

Gun control is the liberals’ idea of making sure that Americans don’t have the ability to fight back. Gun control only helps the government. Law-abiding citizens should be able to own whatever weapon they want in the name of sport, protecting their home, and protecting their liberties as an American.

If Biden is serious when he talks about preventing another mass shooting, he has to stop pointing the blame on the weapon and start pointing the blame on the person.

Governor DeSantis of Florida has already taken action. There haven’t been any more mass shootings at a school in Florida since the various safety measures and violence prevention programs rolled out. He’s done what he promised. He’s protected the schools and everyone inside of them.

Biden, however, doesn’t know how to offer protection. If guns are banned, those with mental illness and those hell-bent on seeking revenge will find other means to inflict harm.

The reality is this: Sane, mentally healthy people don’t want to commit a mass shooting.

The president doesn’t seem to understand this. His statement is that “this administration will not wait for the next mass shooting.” He insists that “we will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence.”

Unless he plans on helping the mentally ill, the violence will continue to happen. The only thing he will succeed in is keeping Americans from being able to fight back against a government that has tried to infringe upon everyone’s rights.

The mentally ill will find other ways to inflict pain if guns are unavailable. They’ll use Molotov cocktails or flame throwers or even rocks. Just look at how much destruction was caused during the Black Lives Matter riots without the use of guns.

Biden’s just trying to save face among the liberals. Gun control is not the answer, and if they bothered to listen to common sense, they would realize that.


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