New Dating Lingo – Don’t Get Caught Being Fauci-ed

New Dating Lingo – Don’t Get Caught Being Fauci-ed

Dating in the pandemic is no joke. Many people struggle to find love because dating can be so difficult, especially with social distancing.

It seems as though Dr. Fauci of the CDC has made his way into the new dating lingo.

Now, once two people go out on a date, there is the risk of being “Fauci-ed.”

What used to simply be the name of one of the leading COVID-19 experts is now a verb. To “fauci” someone means to end a relationship because you assume that the other person isn’t serious enough about social distancing.

Hey, it’s important to exercise as much caution as possible during the pandemic.

Dr. Fauci has identified on many occasions that people should stick to their pods and maintain six feet of distance from those they don’t know very well.

Dating means being introduced into another pod. If the person you’re dating isn’t taking the pandemic seriously, what could they have been exposed to? What they have been exposed to may impact your own health. As such, you may decide that it’s not worth the risk – and you Fauci them.

Dr. Fauci has found himself being introduced into pop culture with great frequency – and he’s amused to find that he’s a trending term when it comes to dating lingo.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has admitted that being single during the pandemic must be difficult. After all, the stress and anxiety are capable of getting to anyone. Those who don’t have a direct pod may start to feel isolated – and that’s where people may be more likely to take risks.

Dr. Fauci did identify that it would be difficult to have to semi-isolate one’s self at a time when it’s imperative to be exploring various social interactions. As such, it can lead to stress and even depression. He goes on to say, “It really is an extraordinary stress on, on people at every level of life, in every age.”

Dating in the pandemic, though, is happening.  If anything, as research has shown, people are becoming more intentional about who they date. No one’s going to risk getting COVID for just any random hook-up.

Many are choosing to use the internet and phone as a “get to know you” period. It allows people to have deep conversations and get to know a person a lot more before scheduling the initial meet-up.

According to a Singles In America survey, 58 percent of people using dating apps are being more intentional and 69 percent are also more honest with potential partners.

Since people are still using social media and dating apps as a way to get to know everyone, the honesty factor is playing a big part. And it’s not just to find out a person’s history or who they are as a person. It’s also to learn more about their socialization during the pandemic.

Have they traveled? Are they wearing a mask? Are they quarantining when they’ve been exposed to someone with COVID?

All of these are now questions being asked.

Dr. Fauci has made sure that people are asking the questions. He seems to be the most interviewed person of 2020 – and going into 2021 now, too. He’s the one talking about knowing who a person is and what their methods of keeping themselves safe are before joining a pod.

Once a person finds a safe pod in a relationship, many are spending more time with that person. What may have only been an occasional date here and there before the pandemic is significantly more now. It may result in more long-term relationships, and that is simply because once a person finds someone, they don’t want to risk losing it in fear of not being able to find someone else.

It’s a challenge, but there are ways to find a love connection.

The question that single people have to ask themselves now is: How many risks are worth taking without being at risk of being Fauci-ed?


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