Extremist Groups Cannot and Should Not Represent the Average Republican

Extremist Groups Cannot and Should Not Represent the Average Republican

Every Republican is a Trump supporter. Every Trump supporter is an insurrectionist. Every Republican needs to be de-programmed after supporting Trump for four years.

The liberals love to define Republicans to fit their narrative. Any time they want to spew lies to the media, they make claims about who Trump supporters are and what they are.

There’s a problem, though. Not all Republicans voted for Trump. Not all who support Trump support the insurrection that happened at the Capitol Building.

We have to stop placing a line between the two political parties. The bullying and the threats to punish or de-program have to stop.

The whole “I’ll bring unity to the country” rhetoric from Biden is a load of crap. He knows it and so does every American. If he was planning to bring unity, he’d get AOC and Pelosi to stop talking. He’d get the media to stop printing lies. He’d get Twitter to stop banning accounts of those who belong to the GOP.

There won’t be unity.

If anything, we have to agree on the basics. Extremist groups cannot represent the average Republican. Yet, this is what the liberals want to claim.

The FBI has gotten involved to investigate the riot at the Capitol Building on January 6. At least 40 people have been identified as belonging to extremist groups. This includes the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys.

Extremists are a small percentage of Trump supporters and an even smaller percentage of members of the Republican Party.

When the lying liberals want to talk about the horrific insurrection where Democratic leaders were almost kidnapped and murdered, they’re being divisive. They claim that it was Trump supporters. They claim that it was rabid Republicans.

The reality is that they weren’t your average Republican or MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporter. They were members of extremist groups. They had planned the event that was to go down for weeks ahead of time – long before any comments made by Donald Trump.

The FBI even shared that many of the extremists were participating in combat training for urban warfare, complete with two days of wargames.

During an investigation that took place at the home of one extremist, receipts were found for over $750 worth of ammunition as well as a firearm that was made to look like a mobile phone.

Do the liberals really believe that this is what the average Trump supporter is doing? Do they think that anyone who voted for Trump is out there buying excessive amounts of ammunition and planning a government takedown?

If they don’t believe that, they’re doing a good job of proving otherwise.

Apparently, though, even using things like “revolution” and “we the people” is enough to be flagged as a possible insurrectionist by the FBI these days.

The government has made it clear: they don’t want to deal with a revolution. They might want to work a bit harder on that unity, then.

One person, Peter Stager, who was a part of the Capitol riots, stood outside and said, “Everybody in there is a treasonous traitor.”

Everybody. Well, there goes AOC trying to claim that Ted Cruz was trying to have her murdered. After all, he would have been lumped into the group being called a treasonous traitor.

We have to stop with the divisive language. The liberal media has to stop with the finger-pointing and the blanket assumptions.

Just as not everyone in the Capitol is a treasonous traitor, not all Trump supporters are going to riot and storm the Capitol Building.

Honestly, for a president who insists that he’ll bring unity, he’s not doing a very good job. Then again, it’s hard to focus on unity when it’s not part of his 100-day plan. Perhaps he’ll tackle that in his second 100 days.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to watch how the liberals lie about what it means to be a Trump supporter.


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