Calm Down, Ivanka’s Not Running for Senate

Say the word “Trump” in front of a liberal and they may break out in hives or start clutching their pearls.

It doesn’t matter which Trump you’re referring to. Any mention of the Trump family will leave liberals in a cold sweat. One of the reasons they were so hot to impeach Donald Trump was to ensure that they’d never have to worry about him in DC again.

After all, they’re panicked that he could run (and win) the presidency in 2024.

But, it’s not just Donald Trump they’re worried about.

Rumors have been flying that Ivanka Trump would challenge Marco Rubio for his Senate seat in Florida. Ivanka has been a businesswoman for years…and she served as senior advisor to his father during his presidency.

If anyone could give Marco a run for his money, it would be Ivanka.

And Democrats are losing their minds. They just got rid of a Trump…and now they could face another one? This time in Congress?


Ivanka Trump has made it clear that she will not be challenging Rubio for his Senate seat. The two of them have sat down on several occasions. Not only is she not going to run against him, but she’s also offering him her support.

After all, Republicans have to stick together. That’s a lesson that the Democrats may want to learn since they have more disputes within their own party than anywhere else.

Ivanka has even gone as far as saying that Marco Rubio is a “good personal friend.” Rubio has also thanked her for the friendship.

Now, does that mean that the Democrats are free and clear of ever seeing a Trump in DC ever again? Not even close.

There have been quite a few members of the Trump family who have been aspiring for public office.

Donald Jr. and Eric have expressed interest in politics, too. And while Barron is still young, he may decide to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wouldn’t be the first president’s son to do so.

It happened with John Adams and his son John Quincy. It happened again with George and his son George W. So, there’s no sense in ruling out the Trump legacy just yet.

As for Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, there are plenty of possibilities for the dynamic duo. The two of them have the finances to do anything they want.

However, Ivanka feels particularly tied to the issue of criminal justice reform. She spent quite a bit of time lobbying in favor of it while her father was in office. Now that she’s set the record straight as to her plans for the Senate, it’s only a matter of time before she decides on her next move.

With her last name being Trump, it will open up an incredible number of doors for her. Of course, it will also cause quite a few liberal doors to slam shut.

Ivanka isn’t done making headlines. She has political and nonpolitical ties. Over the years, she’s worked with countless non-governmental organizations and has brought cases to the attention of President Trump as well as Congress.

The liberals may be able to relax that she’s not running for Senate. She’s going to let Marco Rubio take the reins there. And she’ll support him every step of the way.

The reality is that the Democratic Party will never be free and clear of the name “Trump.” The reason is that the family is simply too influential – even before Donald Trump became president. They have money, and where there is money, there is also power.

Perhaps the liberals will feel faint again soon once Eric or Donald, Jr decide on their next move. The most important thing is to keep the left on their toes. It’s the only way to ensure they don’t get too comfortable with the majority they’re barely holding onto.


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