Jobless Claims on the Rise While Biden Claims He’s Got a Plan

Joe Biden made promises until he was blue in the face while he was running for president. Now that he’s in the seat, it appears that it was all talk.

The weekly jobless claims are on the rise. According to the Department of Labor, the new claims last week rose by 13,000. Wasn’t Biden supposed to make things better, not worse?

The liberals swore that Trump wasn’t doing enough. They swore that he didn’t have good enough plans to get the country opened and back to work.

Well, does Biden have any plan whatsoever?

The president says that he has a plan…though he doesn’t remember what the plan is. Kamala Harris, too, says that there is a plan, but fails to mention any specifics when pressed.

This is when the country should be healing. More people have been vaccinated. More people have gotten COVID, helping to establish herd immunity. With more people being protected from COVID, there should be a push to open things up and get the country “back to normal.”

The problem is that Biden doesn’t have a plan. He boasted that he had big plans and knew just what to do if he could only win the presidential election.

His lies have been highlighted by the numbers coming out of the Department of Labor. If he had even a clue as to what to do, people would be working. There wouldn’t be such a strain on the unemployment offices around the country.

The jobless claims continue to be at dangerously high levels. Prior to the pandemic, the highest claims were just under 700,000 – and that was in October of 1982. Even when there was the financial crisis of the 2009 recession, jobless claims were only peaking at 665,000.

It is clear that Biden most certainly does not have everything under control.

In March of 2020, the claims hit just under 7 million as businesses around the country were forced to close. Then, the claims began to decline as Trump worked to open the country up. The claims fell..and fell…and fell.

Now, all of a sudden, Biden is in office and the claims aren’t falling any longer. In fact, they’re rising again.

Why? Well, it doesn’t help that he’s been writing executive orders that have taken oil jobs away from over 10,000. Oh, and he’s allowing visas to be executed again, ensuring that foreign graduates can get jobs over Americans.

Let’s face it – Biden is not helping the situation. If anything, he’s making it worse.

There are still many areas of the country where schools are closed. When school-age children are forced to go virtual, many parents cannot go back to work. There are also many areas of the country where salons and restaurants and other businesses are still forced to stay closed.

News flash: none of that is helping the economy.

Biden could easily force the states to open. He could easily get the schools to open.

He was supposed to have a plan for all of this. Now, he’s acting as though he is trying to formulate a plan on the spot.

One of the reasons why he got more votes than Trump in November is that he promised he had a plan that would fix the situation. He promised that he would get vaccines out and get people back to work.

What’s going on with all of that, now?

The only thing that he’s managed to do is spend even more in federal money to pay out unemployment benefits. The government can’t continue to pay hundreds of thousands of people to be out of work. Give them jobs.

It’s become clear that Biden and Harris are clueless and without a plan. Maybe it’s time they stop worrying about Trump supporters and focus on doing their job. The country is sinking, and they’re not doing anything about it.


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