Don Jr. Goes After Teachers’ Unions While Rubbing Their Faces in His 2A Rights

Don Jr. Goes After Teachers’ Unions While Rubbing Their Faces in His 2A Rights

Former first son Donald Trump Jr. has once again caused liberal outrage, this time with his message to teachers posted to Twitter just days ago. True to form, Huffpost railed against the prominent member of the Trump dynasty, saying that 43-year-old father of five had “rocketed even further off the rails in a Twitter video aimed at teachers unions Saturday — in front of a wall of guns.”

Yeah, you read that right. One of the major issues with Trump’s comments is that he went out of his way to flaunt his second amendment rights while talking about issues surrounding freedom and democracy.

Let us go on to hear what the liberal brain trust over at Huff (lepuff) post thought about the former first son’s comments:

“Vox journalist Aaron Rupar commented that the rant from the former president’s son, in his typical cranked up rhetoric, made the message look and sound like an ‘extremist video posted from a bunker of an undisclosed location.’” Huffposts’ Mary Papenfuss (yes that’s her real name) went on.

“Trump Jr. bashed teachers whom he accused have ‘prevented schools from opening’ because they don’t want to return to class unvaccinated or without proper safety protocols in place and risk their lives. ‘The teachers’ unions are out of control & are destroying our kid’s futures!’ he noted in a caption with the video.”

To quickly get you up to date, in case you’ve been minding your own business, or residing in a state where sanity still prevails. After decades of conservatives making the case that teachers should stop being such an aggressively liberal influence on the children, somehow the script has been flipped, and liberal teachers are accusing those who want their children in school as being white supremacists, serving at the privilege of the evil orange man.

According to them, teachers are the saviors of this generation, each child should have an expensive device where they zoom into meetings, and families who were pressured into becoming two-income homes are now also going to need to have someone at home to watch over said children since their lives have been turned upside down.

All caught up? Good.

Now, let’s carry on to hear what Mz. Papenfuss has to say about Don Jr.’s supposed crazed rant while basically threatening people with guns (to be clear, he wasn’t threatening anyone, but just having guns has been painted as extremism):

“His argument was difficult to follow. He first intoned ‘follow the science’ — which would support vaccinations and careful health measures to protect those exposed to group situations amid the COVID-19 pandemic, such as teaching classrooms of children.”

The author then moved quickly off the content of the talk and right onto the background of the video which was, as has been already touched on, totally unacceptable:

“Trump Jr. is apparently part of a growing trend among right-wingers who include guns with their images. Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) last week posed in front of AR-15-style firearms at her home during a virtual House committee hearing.”

The “trend” is something that has delighted many who appreciate the need for guns as part of what protects Americans from a tyrannical government. These individuals were classified in a highly derogatory manner by Papenfuss:

“Gun nerds on Twitter couldn’t agree on the type of firearms on the wall behind Trump. Some were convinced they were flashy, custom-made pistols or even target pistols altered with telescopic sights perhaps to make them appear more menacing. In any case, critics viewed the guns as a deliberately threatening message.”

And critics of Papenfuss considered her article to be aggressively liberal and in contradiction to both the majority of voters and the Founding Fathers.


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