Pssst! Libs, You Can’t Cancel Our First President

Pssst! Libs, You Can’t Cancel Our First President

The liberals are out of control with their cancel culture. Now, students at the University of Washington are looking to cancel George Washington.

Our first president fought for our freedom from the British crown. He is responsible for shaping the democracy of the United States. He is not someone who can simply be canceled.

Well, the UW students want to remove a statue of George Washington because they feel that it perpetuates white supremacy.

A statue of the country’s first president should not be removed. It shouldn’t even be up for debate. And to claim that it perpetuates white supremacy is absurd. It represents the country’s history, no more, no less.

The first U.S. president is the namesake for the university the students attend and for the state they live in.

If they were so offended by the president, perhaps they chose the wrong university to attend and the wrong state to reside in.

Rather than change schools or move, they feel that it’s easier to make demands.

The University of Washington’s Black Student Union has a petition circulating to remove “statues of racist figures.” They have specifically called out George Washington for being racist.

Was he racist? We don’t know. It’s not as if we can travel back to the 1700s to see him in action. We only know that he was a slave owner. From what stories tell us, he was a kind owner and he treated his slaves with the highest regard.

But, he owned slaves. Yes, yes he did. And so did literally everyone during that time period. It wasn’t because it was a racist decision. It is simply because it was what was done.

If the early Americans had the knowledge and information then that we have now, they would have likely made different decisions. However, that was in the past.

George Washington may have owned slaves, but he cannot and should not be portrayed solely as a slave owner. He was the commander in chief of the Continental Army. He was the first president of the United States. He deserves to be honored.

One decision made by a man should not define him. He was a slave owner because it is what was expected and required of men during the 1700s. It’s a piece of our history that cannot be erased no matter how much we want to forget that it ever happened.

We learn from history. We evolve as a country.

There’s nothing that perpetuates white supremacy to allow a statue of a founding father to reside on a campus that is named after that founding father.

There are some bold demands within the petition created by the Black Student Union at the university.

They claim that “The George Washington statue, in particular, symbolizes a man who owned over 300 black slaves and profited from their labor.” They don’t want to glorify that history. However, the statue does not glorify the fact that he was a slave owner. It glorifies the fact that he’s partly responsible for the country we live in today.

We cannot eliminate history. To eliminate any aspect of our “dark past” would leave us with no history at all.

The petition also wants the university to sever ties with the Seattle Police Department and disarm the PD at the University of Washington. Cool, so they’re eager to let crime run rampant.

Oh, and the petition also states that they feel as though President Cauce has “overlooked our experiences.” What experiences? The petition makes it seem as though the ones writing it were the slaves of George Washington. They have hardly been impacted by having to look at a statue of someone responsible for the country’s history.

While there have been close to 8,000 signatures captured, the petition is a joke. The demands are ridiculous, and if they think that hiring more black faculty and allocating funds to black student organizations will suddenly improve everything, they may need to find another university where they don’t feel as though white supremacy is smothering them.


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