Law Enforcement Knew About Capitol Riots Before The Event Took Place

The Democrats want and hope that all Americans will miss the obvious flaws that their way of ruling and running America has embedded within its very nature. They do not want people knowing the truth behind events and stories that are happening around the country. That is why the media fails to report and update on important stories.

They want to keep Americans in the dark about the truth of what the liberals are doing to the country.

One of the most significant details of the Capitol Building riots that they do not want to get out is that the riots were all preplanned. Law enforcement was brought before a Senate hearing and was asked whether they knew it was going to happen. It was concluded that the police did know about the plan to attack.

The Democrats have been lying about the events by telling people that Trump supporters showed up and decided it best to invade Nancy Pelosi’s office on the spur of the moment. The testimony provided by the police ultimately shows that the liberals are lying through their teeth.

The assault of the Capitol Building has brains behind the deed. Somewhere a liberal got their Antifa buddies to infiltrate the Trump crowd for the sole purpose of making them all look violent.

It was reported by John Bowden who works for The Hill, that “Top current and former law enforcement officials testifying Tuesday before a joint Senate hearing on the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol told lawmakers that evidence pointed to coordination and planning behind the mob of people that overwhelmed Capitol Police officers during the attack.”

The fact that the Democrats are not pushing for the perpetrators to be found proves that they are behind the riots. They want to bury the issue so they are not discovered.

The Capitol police chief Steven Sund stated that “I’m able to provide you a quick overview of why I think it was a coordinated attack. One, people came specifically with equipment. You’re bringing in climbing gear to a demonstration. You’re bringing in explosives. You’re bringing in chemical spray … you’re coming prepared.”

It was also noted that bombs were found placed outside both headquarters of both political parties. It is thought that these devices were placed around during the riots. So, for the Democrats to blame Trump for their very own people’s deeds is an entirely constructed narrative devised by liberals behind closed doors.

Sund’s report was verified by Robert Contee III, who is the current acting D. C. Metropolitan Police Chief.

John Bowden also noted that “A number of individuals linked to various right-wing groups, including the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, have been arrested in the weeks following the attack in connection to the violence, while the FBI’s D.C. field office is currently searching for dozens of other people present during the attack.”

The Democrats needed their people to stage a riot so they could build their impeachment narrative on the events. The liberals tried to set up Donald Trump, and they failed yet once again to bring him down. And now that the truth behind the riots is out in the open, the Democrats are still trying to make Trump out to be the bad guy.

The liberals have mud on their faces and are embarrassed to have been caught once again lying about events. They hate Donald Trump because he ruined their 2016 takeover attempt by winning the presidential election.

The left lied about Russia. They lied about Trump’s use of power. And now they are lying about his attempt to incite a riot. There is no end to their attempts to destroy the man. But the fact that they failed three times to tear him down shows that they cannot wage a political war without getting caught.

Donald Trump worked for Americans, and it made him famous. Those that fail to serve the people like they are supposed to are doomed to fail at politics. Joe Biden has already failed and will be deemed in the history books as the illegitimate president that should have never been allowed to sit in the Oval Office.


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