GOP Bill Fights Chinese Communist Party Propaganda

GOP Bill Fights Chinese Communist Party Propaganda

Chinese propaganda is infiltrating American society: Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda is appearing in paid advertorials in the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and The Economist, while the communist Chinese have bought billboards in Times Square that broadcast their messages. Meanwhile, CNN And MSDNC rebroadcast Chinese propaganda on their airwaves, siding with corrupt authoritarian in Beijing over American interests.

Two Republican senators, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), are fighting back. The two GOP members of the Senate introduced legislation on Feb. 24 that will stand up to and counter the propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party.

The bill is named the Countering Chinese Propaganda Act, and it will fight back against Chinese propaganda by giving new the U.S. government new sanctions powers against Beijing’s state-backed disinformation networks, which are spreading lies about the origins of the Wuhan virus and just about every other important issue you can think of — from global trade to pollution.

The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda networks are controlled by the United Front Work Department (UFWD), which is an international arm of the Chinese Communist Party that promotes and publicizes Beijing’s propaganda mission abroad.

Chinese dictator Xi Jinping has described the United Front Work Department as a “magic weapon” that will usher about “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

The Republican Study Group, which is the largest conservative caucus on Capitol Hill, recommended this new national security strategy. It requires the U.S. secretary of state — currently Tony Blinken — to examine and determine whether the United Front Work Department meets the propaganda criteria in order to face sanctions under this new authority.

This move to slap sanctions on Chinese propaganda is part of the effort by Republicans to show strength to Chinese aggression while Joe Biden surrenders to Beijing’s strong-arm tactics. Republicans are holding Joe Biden and the weak-spined liberals in his administration accountable for their tepid and meek polices vis-a-vis China.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton said in a statement that the communist Chinese regime is using the United Front Work Department to spread propaganda and that his legislation would “put an end to their tactics.”

“The Chinese Communist Party expands its disinformation campaign each day—concealing information regarding the origin of COVID-19, lying about its oppression of Uyghurs and other religious minorities, and infiltrating American universities and businesses,” said Cotton.

The legislation reads as follows, “The United Front Work Department is involved in espionage campaigns, political warfare efforts, malign disinformation, utilizing the Chinese diaspora abroad, and infiltration of educational institutions, all with the goal of softening opposition to the Chinese Communist Party and its policies throughout the world.”

Research by ProPublica released in March of 2020, found that the United Front Work Department supporting a network of “fake and hijacked” Twitter accounts that were spreading lies about COVID-19 and hiding the Chinese origins of the virus.

Cotton continued, the United Front Work Department “just another venue for the CCP to spread its propaganda and to co-opt foreign groups to toe the CCP line.”

Republican Congressman Banks added that the United Front Work Department is directly engaged in the oppression of Christians in China and covering up the Uyghur genocide and “its ultimate goal is to spread those persecutory tactics around the globe.”

“The leadership in Washington may have changed, but China’s political warfare hasn’t,” said Banks. “It’s fallen to Congress to expose and counter Communist Party disinformation. We can’t back down now.”

This action by congressional Republicans is one of many bills that have been introduced, including the Stop Funding the PLA Act, which aims to protect stop U.S. funding from feeding China’s military-industrial base.

“We’ve made countering communist China a platform of the RSC for the first time, under my leadership,” said Banks. “It deserves our attention, and as the largest caucus, our members understand this is the greatest threat that we face and that we have to confront it.”

Fighting the communist Chinese agenda will be a “top priority” for Republicans in Congress over the next couple of years.


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