China’s getting ready for 2nd wave of of their Covid attack against the rest of the world! Cheap ineffective vaccines to make sure pandemic keeps going

China’s getting ready for 2nd wave of of their Covid attack against the rest of the world! Cheap ineffective vaccines to make sure pandemic keeps going

They are not even attempting to get their own people vaccinated first. China is being very altruistic, apparently. Instead of worrying about their own billion plus population, they are making all sorts of promises about shipping billions of doses to others around the globe. This process is already underway and has been for roughly a month now.

At least 25 countries have received a vaccine shipment from the Chinese at this point. This is the part where we ask the very obvious question: why is the Chinese Communist Party doing this and what do they gain? The Associated Press is here to shed some light on what is going on and it is every bit as dark as you would have expected.

“China’s vaccine diplomacy campaign has been a surprising success: It has pledged roughly half a billion doses of its vaccines to more than 45 countries, according to a country-by-country tally by The Associated Press. With just four of China’s many vaccine makers claiming they are able to produce at least 2.6 billion doses this year, a large part of the world’s population will end up inoculated not with the fancy Western vaccines boasting headline-grabbing efficacy rates, but with China’s humble, traditionally made shots.

Amid a dearth of public data on China’s vaccines, hesitations over their efficacy and safety are still pervasive in the countries depending on them, along with concerns about what China might want in return for deliveries. Nonetheless, inoculations with Chinese vaccines already have begun in more than 25 countries, and the Chinese shots have been delivered to another 11, according to the AP tally, based on independent reporting in those countries along with government and company announcements,” their report reads.

Let’s try our best to be fair here. Perhaps the Chinese are really trying to perform a humanitarian service here. The odds of this being the case are very low but we are willing to believe, if they give us any reason to. The global supply chain for vaccines does need to be replenished often if we are going to have any chance of leaving this pandemic in the rear view mirror at any point in time.

The main issue that needs to be addressed is the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. So far, so good on that front, near as we can tell. If there were any concerns about widespread effectiveness, we would have heard more about them by now. How effective are the vaccines in all actuality? To the best of our knowledge, they are about as effective as the vaccines that are circulating in America right now.

There are also those who are wondering what the Chinese are going to want in return for all of the generosity. According to the Associated Press, the Chinese are looking to engage in a bit of diplomacy. It’s likely that they simply feel a sense of responsibility for what has taken place. They handled the pandemic as poorly as possible during the early stages and this has taken a major toll on the rest of the world.

Chinese government and health officials are also on hand to make sure that the vaccinations are handled properly, which could be their way of making themselves indispensable, if you catch our drift. If these officials are able to stick around over the long haul, this would be a fairly clever strategy. Nations are going to be so grateful for the help, there’s nothing that they won’t do. The CCP probably views this as a short term investment into their long term future.


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