Caution: Toxic Masculinity is Found in Austin

Caution: Toxic Masculinity is Found in Austin

White, Black, Latino – it shouldn’t matter. We’re all Americans, and we should be able to enjoy the things that we love. However, progressives don’t care about any of that. They want to put everyone into a stereotypical box. And if someone doesn’t fit into that box, they’re prepared to go full Karen.

Progressives, regardless of color, feel as though they have the right to say anything to anyone. Now, if the tables turn, members of the GOP are chastised for saying anything that may be offensive to a progressive. It’s extremely one-sided. Progressives are the only ones who are allowed to be offended.

Although Texas is a giant red blob on the map of the U.S., Austin is the land of the leftists. Progressives are doing everything they can to stain the capital of the state so that it looks a lot like San Francisco.

Residents of the city have been participating in various car clubs for decades. This includes local parks. It’s a chance for native Austinites to show off their cars and socialize. They gather in the East Cesar Chavez neighborhood in what is known as Chicano Park.

Now, transplants from more liberal areas who have moved into a luxury apartment building, The Weaver, nearby are against the car club gatherings. The police have even been called to stop the gatherings.

Most of those occupying Chicano Park come in with their stereos booming. They make a few laps around the park to show off the ride. The majority of drivers are men in their 20s and 30s and are either Black or Latino.

They’ve spent good money on their cars because it’s what they’re passionate about. This includes candy-colored cars and trucks, many that are custom lowriders or that have flashy chrome rims.

When the car shows come around, it’s an entire event. Grills are unloaded and the event looks like a tailgating party. It’s a family event, too – dogs and babies run around the cars so that everyone can socialize.

Any outsider should be in awe of what they see. It looks like the opening credits to the Fast & The Furious. And if they’re familiar with Dom, they’ll see that the community is family.

Oh, no, no, no. That won’t do for the progressives. They hear screeching tires and see plumes of smoke. It’s offensive. All of it.

Although these gatherings have been going on every weekend for nearly 30 years, the transplants want to put an end to it all. They don’t like the loud music. Non-Hispanic white women are reportedly the ones who are calling the cops – and it’s basically because these people are enjoying themselves.

They’re not getting offended by the music. They’re having fun.

Progressives don’t like to have fun. They are the stealers of joy.

One resident has even called it a “display of toxic masculinity.”

And what’s wrong with men showing off some masculinity? The car shows are not hurting anyone. If the transplants would give it all a chance, they’d likely be opened with welcome arms. However, they lack any kind of masculinity. They’re not familiar with it, and, therefore, they don’t like it.

Law enforcement has yet to take any action against the members of the car clubs. Although there may be some noise or traffic violations, they aren’t posing any threat. They’re not breaking other city rules.

Those who move into Austin have to learn to adapt. They cannot change everything.

This is a perfect example of the struggles seen everywhere. There are the progressive professionals who want to move in and “transform through gentrification.” Meanwhile, the communities where black and Latino families live are fine with the way things have always been.

When are the progressives going to learn that they don’t have the right to change everything? Toxic masculinity that isn’t hurting anyone or anything isn’t toxic. Maybe, the progressives are just terrified by anything that smells like testosterone…


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