What’s North Korea’s Trying to Tell Us When They Launched Their Advanced Missiles? Biden’s Administration Is a Joke

What’s North Korea’s Trying to Tell Us When They Launched Their Advanced Missiles? Biden’s Administration Is a Joke

The North Koreans have test-fired as many as five missiles within the past few weeks. This is a sign that they are going to push and push the US. Biden needs to show them where the line is but this is not something that he is usually willing to do.

His idea of taking care of the problem is pretending that it will go away if you really want it to. He’s been asked about these provocations and he always blows them off. Biden is certainly playing with fire here and we wish that he knew it. He lives in his own fantasy world, though.

He’s too busy playing Mario Kart at Camp David to realize the threat that is currently looming over this country. These types of things used to happen all of the time before Donald Trump started to intervene. Now that experts and analysts have had time to consider Kim’s latest actions, they have come to one very simple conclusion.

Kim is looking to test Joe Biden. He wants the world to know that his country has access to an impressive nuclear arsenal but he also wants America to know that they are being put on notice. As North Korea’s weapons technology continues to improve, the severity of these threats is only going to grow.

AP News has more about Kim’s response to Biden’s remarks about North Korea’s reckless behavior. “North Korea on Saturday snapped back at President Joe Biden’s criticism of its ballistic missile tests, calling his comments a provocation and encroachment on the North’s right to self-defense and vowing to continuously expand its “most thoroughgoing and overwhelming military power.”

The statement issued by senior official Ri Pyong Chol came after the North on Thursday tested-fired two short-range missiles off its eastern coast in the first ballistic launches since Biden took office,” the report shares. Kim Jong-un’s words are ironic when you stop to think about it.

He’s worried about Biden being provocative when he’s the one who fired two ICBMs into the Sea of Japan. The underlying aspect of this message is the most terrifying, though. Their missiles are only going to be able to cover more and more ground. Solid fuel is being used instead of liquid fuel, allowing them to remain mobile for longer periods of time.

In-flight steering capability is being added, which will allow the missiles to evade anti-missile defenses. They may be capable of carrying nuclear warheads and may be able to strike certain parts of the United States. Kim is providing Washington with a window in which to work with him before he pursues a more large-scale attack. Biden is the one who needs to make a move now.

Kim wants this move to take place publicly and he has made that abundantly clear. The Biden administration has tried to reach out through back channels and they have been rebuffed up until now. NBC News has more about the motivations of the North Koreans.

“Last week North Korea labeled Biden’s approach a “cheap trick,” saying it won’t talk until the U.S. abandons its “hostile” policy. But North Korea does need to talk, many experts agree. The cocktail of Covid-19, widespread flooding and international sanctions have battered the country — already isolated and largely impoverished — shrinking its economy and causing widespread food shortages.

Kim “needs to get some sort of dialogue going with the Americans that will lead to some form of sanctions relief,” John Nilsson-Wright, a senior research fellow at Chatham House, a London think tank, said.”

With any luck, Biden will be able to stick to his guns and keep a major attack from taking place. The eyes of the world are upon him.


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