Biden’s America! Pregnant Woman Dragged out of Church Service for Not Wearing Mask (Video)

Biden’s America! Pregnant Woman Dragged out of Church Service for Not Wearing Mask (Video)

The mask Gestapo have gone too far here, we must admit. There are certain situations where we can understand enforcing such a rule but this would not seem to qualify. After she attended Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Church, three officers were needed to take her down. This seems like an excessive display of force for a pregnant woman but we digress.

The woman was kneeling down in prayer and holding her baby at the time. It was not good enough for them. She was ordered to leave the Mass immediately. Deirdre continued to kneel in prayer. The officer finally had enough and attempted to drag her out forcibly.

She was even told that she was trespassing by remaining on the premises. That’s how insane things have gotten. Even those who are merely looking to pray are being told that they need to go home. Later, she even found out that she had been ratted out by the main pastor at the church.

This is such a heartbreaking story, for so many reasons. Of course, no one ever wants to see a pregnant woman being harassed like this just for existing. The last thing that any pregnant woman needs is undue stress in her life. The pastor and the usher’s actions are also appalling here. How can these people feel good about turning over a member of their own church to the police?

We do not know how these people are able to sleep at night. They can rest easy, knowing that they sent the police after a pregnant woman for no reason. She wanted to know if she was going to be arrested and she was told that she would be if she tried to remain at the church.

Once her ID was produced, she was warned again about a potential arrest. Now, she is unable to come back to this church ever again. The pastor and the usher are going to make sure of it. According to additional coverage of this story, the usher even followed her outside and made sure to write down her plate numbers.

They are going to such great lengths to make sure that one person does not come to church! What happens if she does? This is a confrontation that we would pay to see. If you would like to hear more about what took place at this church, feel free to listen to her appearance on Dr. Taylor Marshall’s show.

He’s willing to let brave patriots like Deirdre tell her story, whereas most mainstream media outlets would not. In fact, we attempted to Google to find out if anyone else had been covering this. In news that should surprise no one, they are not. We did find one piece that was written by a local CBS outlet but the tone was not what we expected.

Instead of standing with the pregnant woman, they seemed to find it funny that she was removed from the church in such a mean way. We hope that this woman is able to receive the justice that she deserves. No one should ever be treated this way, regardless of what their religious beliefs may be. Even if you are not a Christian, you have to admit that we are not headed for a very good place as far as the mask conversation is concerned.

No one should ever have to fear being kicked out of church for something this minor and we stand with Deirdre. With any luck, stories like this one will eventually fall by the wayside. We certainly cannot endure another year of this, that is for sure.


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