Is This the Only Democrat Left With Some Morals? Rita Hart Finally Ends Her Election Result Challenge to Foil Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Plan

Is This the Only Democrat Left With Some Morals? Rita Hart Finally Ends Her Election Result Challenge to Foil Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Plan

Democrat Rita Hart elected to skip the Iowa courts and appeal her six-vote loss more directly. She lost by six votes in the Iowa-2 congressional district race and is now taking the battle straight to Congress. Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks has been seated by Nancy Pelosi in the meantime and you may recall Pelosi asking for a cookie for this.

The Democrats have been making noise about re-litigating this. When it is all said and done, they may even decide to re-seat Hart. However, Hart has now decided to withdraw that appeal. This should be good news but as it turns out, this ‘battle’ is not over.

Hart does not seem like she is actually conceding anything at the moment. As per their usual, a Democrat is now going to blame the Republicans for their problems. Her statement on the matter is a ridiculous one but that’s to be expected in these instances. Let’s take a closer look at what she had to say.

“After many conversations with people I trust about the future of this contest, I have made the decision to withdraw my contest before the House Committee on Administration. Since Election Day, and throughout this entire process, my mission has been about ensuring the voices of Iowans who followed the law are not silenced. I am saddened that some Iowans’ votes will not count through no fault of their own. The work of ensuring it does not happen again will continue beyond this campaign.

Despite our best efforts to have every vote counted, the reality is that the toxic campaign of political disinformation to attack this constitutional review of the closest congressional contest in 100 years has effectively silenced the voices of Iowans. It is a stain on our democracy that the truth has not prevailed and my hope for the future is a return to decency and civility.

I wish Mariannette Miller-Meeks all the best as she serves the people of this great state as Congresswoman. This has been a difficult process for all of those involved and it’s incredibly important that we work together to reform the system so this does not happen again in the future,” she said.

Hart’s lawyers had been arguing to have the results overturned as recently as Monday. So what happened? The Democrats find themselves worried about the optics of this battle. It’s never about right or wrong with these people. It is about how they look to the rest of the world.

CNN has more about this developing story. “Iowa Democratic candidate Rita Hart’s legal counsel urged Congress on Monday to “count every vote” amid increasing pressure by Republicans to dismiss her case and growing skepticism by House Democrats of overturning the incredibly close 2020 race…

“The burden of proof in this matter lies with Ms. Hart, and her evidence would need to clear a very high bar to warrant action from the House,” Rep. Matt Cartwright, a Pennsylvania Democrat, told CNN. “Otherwise, election decisions made at the state and local level should be respected.”

This race could have already been settled a few months ago, if the Democrats wanted it to be. There was another hotly contested race in New York that was settled months ago so we are not sure what the hold up was here. Hart’s biggest problem is that she tried to corrupt the process. The appeal should have been filed properly, as opposed to trying to make it Nancy Pelosi’s business.

Nancy Pelosi is not some Godfather type figure who is going to make all problems go away if you are willing to kiss the ring. This is a lesson that Hart was always destined to learn the hard way. At the moment, Miller-Meeks has yet to provide a statement on the situation. She is probably just grateful that this whole series of foolishness has finally been brought to a close. We know that we are!


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