Why the Left Doesn’t Want to Talk About Asian Hate Crimes? It Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative of White Supremacist Violence

The New York Hate Crime Task Force is currently in the process of tracking down the perpetrators of various Asian hate crimes that are taking place in New York City. Four individual suspects are being searched for at the moment. If we had to guess, we do not believe that these suspects are members of any white supremacy groups.

They are certainly not Proud Boys! The first suspect is said to have shouted anti-Asian slurs at an Asian woman and her three children while they were riding the 5 train in downtown New York. He is also said to have knocked her phone out of her hands and kicked it off of the train.

Suspect #2 shoved an Asian male and punched him in the face. This incident took place in Manhattan, on Lennox Avenue. The third suspect has already been arrested and charged for their heinous crime. An Asian female who is 65 years of age was viciously attacked and assaulted.

The suspect is now facing charges for felony assault as a hate crime. The final suspect is accused of choking an Asian male unconscious on a train. He is also alleged to have struck the man in the face repeatedly. These crimes are being perpetrated by non-white suspects and it’s interesting to see the tiny amount of press that they have gotten.

The mainstream media does not report cases like these because they do not fit the chosen narrative. If these attacks had taken place and white men had been caught on camera, guess what? We would have heard all about them. The country would have stopped in their collective tracks to discuss it.

The sad part is that we are not here to even the score or exact revenge. That’s not what this is about at all. All we want is fair and unbiased reporting about the issues that are taking place in our world. We don’t want to see non-white citizens getting into trouble for these things, we just want it to stop entirely.

The sad reality is that certain things happen and they defy an easy explanation. That’s what causes so many people to lose interest in what the mainstream media has to say. Instead of trying to find a simple explanation for what is taking place, they would rather dream up something awful.

That’s how people are kept in line and that’s how people remain afraid. The media looks to program people and these are the stories that they use to do it. When problems start to arise, the media needs to be able to take a clear and sober look at them….without adding in their editorial opinions. Unfortunately, there is a certain agenda at play right now.

It’s an agenda that we feel the American people are better than. We do not think that this agenda is taking root outside of the liberals and let’s face it. No one is really checking for their opinions on most things anyway. Once they have put their phones down for the day, their activism is complete.

It’s not like anyone has to worry about them rising up and actually doing anything. All of their social justice work takes place from behind the safety of a keyboard. In the meantime, we just wish that the mainstream media would stop giving these people fuel for their fires. We are getting tired of the nation that we love being painted as some sort of sinking ship.

That’s why brave patriots like ourselves have to do whatever it takes to keep ourselves safe from the madness. We need to head to news sources that actually want the American people to know the truth, not the mainstream media types that simply tell their version of the story. Shame on New York City for allowing these false narratives to continue persisting. We just hope that the truth comes to light before any more false stories have a chance to circulate.


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