Alien Invasion? UAP Task Force Report May Raise More Questions Than It Answers

Alien Invasion? UAP Task Force Report May Raise More Questions Than It Answers

Meanwhile, there are others who are more skeptical. They believe that the report is not going to be delivered or that the report will fail to provide us with any useful information. However, three former Directors of National Intelligence have already provided their own interviews on the matter. They are of the belief that the report will arrive on time.

However, they do not believe that the Russians and Chinese are involved. So what is really going on? That is the million-dollar question at the moment. These revelations have created a universe where the government could be ready to tell us that there are UFOs in our midst. We can’t lie, that does sound kind of exciting.

People who are skeptics on this topic might receive some news that will force them to reassess everything. On the other hand, there are others who are totally unaware and they may have all sorts of follow-up questions about the aircraft. Once these two groups have been considered, there are those who would refer to both of these groups as “the normies”.

They have a strong belief in the idea of UFOs and they have yet to be swayed. They have kept the faith. There is a chance that they could be rewarded for their fervor. Carolyn Brouillard is currently trying to answer all of these questions over at Medium. What type of conversation can we have about these disclosures with our friends and loved ones who are not paying close attention? Carolyn’s answer is a simple one:

“OK, let’s get it out of our system. On the count of three, let’s all say it out loud: I TOLD YOU SO. Enjoy that moment of gloating because we still have work to do. In what may be the boldest disclosure yet on the UFO question, the people in our lives may suddenly be looking to us to help them make sense of what they just learned…

Some of what we might want to say to people in our lives who are new to this may depend on the nature of the revelations. For the purpose of what follows, let’s consider the scenario that the government comes out and echoes what Ratcliffe, Brennan, and many, many others before them have already said.

Basically, we have observed things in our skies that demonstrate capabilities and characteristics not originating from human technology. These objects appear to be under intelligent control, suggesting that other forms of life are visiting Earth. These sightings are documented going back decades, with the possibility of a much longer history. If everyone heard that message, what might we say to calm nerves and invite open discussion?”

First of all, we are pretty sure that Carolyn was joking about the “I told you so” part. Once she gets that part out of the way, the rest of her dispatch is pretty sane. Friends and family members are sure to be assuaged when they are told that these aircraft have existed for years.

Before we get out of here, it is time to discuss the things that we can do to facilitate the public release of the UAP Task Force report. You can head to the Big Phone Home website to find out more. This project is for those who are looking to call and write to their Congressional representatives, putting pressure on them to publicly release the report. If they hear from enough people, it could make a major difference.


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