More Pinocchios for Biden! This Time Over His Infrastructure Bill Lies

More Pinocchios for Biden! This Time Over His Infrastructure Bill Lies

Biden has definitely been racking up the lies as of late. He received 4 Pinocchios because of the outlandish lie that he is spreading about the new Georgia voting laws. Now, the lies are being spread about the infrastructure bill. These lies aren’t quite as insane but they are pretty ridiculous nonetheless.

“Independent analysis shows that if we pass this plan, the economy will create 19 million jobs — good jobs, blue-collar jobs, jobs that pay well,” Biden claimed. This all sounds nice but that’s not the reality here. His statement is one of those “sort of, kind of, not really, though” type of things.

The report that Biden is referring to was put together by Moody’s Analytics. For starters, the 19 million jobs that he is referring to will be created over the course of a decade. This is not going to happen overnight and no one should be expecting it to. The clear issue here is that no one even knows what is going to happen over the next ten years.

Think about the world that we lived in back in 2011. Things look vastly different now, don’t they? One virus variant shows up and the whole plan shifts. There is another major issue with Biden’s statements that he is not addressing at the moment, either.

A smart reporter needs to take the time to ask him one very simple question. Where are all of these jobs actually coming from? He cannot tell you anything about them. The Washington Post has more about the current situation and we are waiting to see how he can defend any of this.

“With the AJP, the economy will create 18.96 million jobs between the fourth quarter of 2020 and the fourth quarter of 2030,” Zandi said. “Without the AJP, the economy will create 16.3 million jobs [in that period].”…

All told, as a result of the infrastructure plan, almost 2.7 million additional jobs would be created over 10 years.”

This is what happens when you refuse to take the time to explain things to people. They are forced to find the information on their own and things go haywire in these instances. Biden is not telling people the real truth here: over 16 million of the jobs that he is claiming to be creating would still be happening even if he did nothing at all.

It is absolutely insane that he thinks he can get away with reciting these types of claims in a public setting. The liberals might be willing to go for this nonsense but we are not. “A report from Moody’s Analytics that came out yesterday afternoon projects that the economy will create 19 million jobs over the next decade if Congress passes the American Jobs Plan,” Psaki recently claimed.

While what she said is true in a technical sense, it also happens to be rather misleading. Biden is framing his words in the exact same manner and they know it. We might be giving Biden a little more credit than he deserves at the moment, since he is barely with it half the time anyway. Glenn Kessler came to the following conclusion:

“Note how Biden carefully does not say the infrastructure plan would create 19 million jobs; instead, he says the economy would create that many jobs if the plan was passed.

Biden’s language is just on the edge of being technically correct, but even experienced communicators such as Deese and Buttigieg messed it up during interviews. That’s because — as Brennan’s question demonstrated — the impression left by the White House’s finely tuned language is that the infrastructure bill would create 19 million jobs all by itself.

In fact, the bill is estimated to create about 2.7 million additional jobs over 10 years. That’s a huge gap between the two numbers — six times smaller,” Kessler says.

This time around, Biden only got 2 Pinocchios! We guess that is progress for this administration but we are not about to give old Sleepy Joe too much credit. He’s just reciting whatever they write down for him.


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