Media Clams Up Over Another Mass Shooting Because It Could Not Be Politicized

Media Clams Up Over Another Mass Shooting Because It Could Not Be Politicized

Every time there is a shooting the media immediately looks to see if it was a white person that pulled the trigger. If it was a white person, they have stories to write for the next several days as they push racism and promote gun control. The liberal media clearly works for the Democratic Party as they search for issue that they can alert them to for drama in Washington.

The media are not even telling the stories of events that they cannot find a political reason to pursue it. Their double standard of reporting ignores acts of violence that is incompatible with their socialist push.

This past week there was another shooting that was widely ignored. Phillip Adams was a NFL cornerback. He picked up a gun and killed five people before pointing the gun at himself and taking his own life. The media did not want to tell this story because he was a person of color. But had he been a white man, there would be endless rage coming over the airways.

What was said by the police is that “Former NFL player Phillip Adams fatally shot five people including a prominent doctor, his wife and their two grandchildren before later killing himself.”

York County Sheriff is Kevin Tolson. He stated that “There’s nothing right now that makes sense to any of us.” They still have not discovered a motive.

When this story came out there was not one media censorship platform that would report that “Dr. Robert Lesslie, 70, and his wife, Barbara, 69, were pronounced dead at the scene Wednesday along with grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5.” This killing is by far one of the worst since it involves such small children.

But Adams was not white so it will never be treated as a massacre because the media gets away with defining events only as they fit their socialist agenda. They just will not tell the truth because they want to push things that make white people look like killers.

The Democrats may claim that they want unity, but their words and actions tell a completely different story. They would never report that the sheriff stated that “evidence left at the scene of the shooting led them to Adams as a suspect. He said they went to Adams’ parents’ home, evacuated them and then tried to talk Adams out of the house. Eventually, they found him dead of a single gunshot wound to the head in a bedroom.”

The media would not even tell of the bravery of the police as they tried to get Adams to surrender. The police risked their lives to save the life of the killer. But again, the story did not fit their fake news agenda so they will not touch it. The guns that were used were a .45-caliber gun and a 9mm.

Joe Biden acts all tough and announced that he is going to do something big with his pen. He alone is going to illegally change the laws to fit what he believes to be a version of a liberal utopia. He is trying to do away with gun laws so his regime can take away guns from all Americans.

Adams’ killings were not the only time the mass media dropped a killer story because the person was not white. The Boulder, Colorado killer and the Capital Hill fiasco were let go because it did fit the narrative that the media wants to tell. They want to try and make white men out to be the evil monsters of the world.

The Capital Building issue was that a man crashed the barricades and came out the police with a knife before he was shot dead by police. The media got all giddy when thought that they had a new story to hand over the Democrats.

But when it was discovered that the man was a colored man and a Muslim on top of it all. As soon as they found out the man’s identity, the media dropped the story like it was a hot potato. The media is a rogue operation that pushes a socialist agenda for the purpose of finding stories that can be used by the liberals for their selfish purposes.


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