Choose: Help Illegal Aliens or Get Help from the Federal Government

Choose: Help Illegal Aliens or Get Help from the Federal Government

Why should liberal states hand out money AND get help from the federal government? If the federal government wanted to put cash into the hands of illegal aliens, they would do so.

Now, it seems as though states may have to choose. They can either help illegal aliens or they can receive bailout funds from the federal government. However, they cannot do both.

Senator Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, has introduced a “No Bailouts for Illegal Aliens Act.” Essentially, it would make the states that send money to illegal aliens ineligible for federal funds.

This is a sensible bill.

States like California complain that they don’t have enough money for city workers, transportation, education, and more. Then, in the next breath, they talk about handing out money to illegal aliens. If you have money for that, you have money for everything. The federal government cannot and should not provide the money for states to misspend it.

The legislation would amend the “American Rescue Plan Act” so that money would be withheld if a state or local government chooses to provide monetary payments or relief funds to a problem that exclusively targets illegal immigrants.

With the migration problem at the southern border becoming a crisis, the goal is to make the idea of entering the country less appealing. However, too many liberal states are trying to sweeten the pot.

Not only is the federal government looking to create amnesty, but states are also offering to hand out cash to make it easier for the illegal migrants to transition into becoming Americans.

These migrants have not entered on visas. These migrants aren’t even following basic immigration law. They’re literally pushing through immigration officers and border patrol agents to enter the country illegally.

Why should we incentivize entering the country illegally? There are so many other things that federal money should be used toward – including taking care of the American homeless and offering children the best possible education.

Anyone who thinks that it’s okay for states to provide relief funds to illegal aliens using federal money is a part of the problem.

As Cotton has said, “The federal government shouldn’t subsidize state efforts to send cash to illegal immigrants.” This is being said as New York Democrats recently shifted $2.1 billion in taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal aliens who recently lost their jobs because of COVID shutdowns. These are jobs that should have gone to Americans. Meanwhile, the money NY is shelling out to illegal aliens is $1.1 billion more than the grants and tax credits authorized to small businesses across the state.

It’s possible that 80,000+ illegal aliens could receive benefits. For some, it could be a one-time payment of $15,600. For others, it could be $325 a week for an entire year.

Why is it that New York is asking for federal bailout money? Clearly, they have extra money to throw around if they’re able to prioritize the illegal aliens so lavishly.

The “No Bailouts for Illegal Aliens Act” is not intended to hurt Americans. It is simply to stop states from getting federal bailout funds if they’re going to continue offering incentives to illegal aliens – which is perpetuating the migrant flow at the southern border.

The Paycheck Protection Program loan program will not be impacted. It also won’t impact relief checks or unemployment provisions.

Cotton and other Republicans have been clear on why the bill is being passed. It is to affect the states that refuse to comply with the certification requirement. After all, an American Rescue Plan Act should be for the use of Americans. Those who enter the country illegally are not Americans, no matter how much the liberals try to change the verbiage.


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