Chip Roy Takes on Drug Cartels as Texas Wages War to Save America at the Border

The state of Texas has had enough with Joe Biden and the way he is catering to the enemies of America. Biden lets Iran and China walk all over him while at the same time he has to deal with criminals flowing over the southern border because the wannabe president cannot do his job right. The liberal president wants the drug cartels to send their best people to America so he can use them to torture law-abiding citizens.

Chip Roy is the hero coming to the stage in Texas. He rightly sees the drug cartels as a severe problem for the American frontier. He has since brought up the idea and introduced it to have the cartels put on the Foreign Terror Organization list. Under federal law, the cartels would become an enemy of the country, which gives people more options on how to handle them.

His legislation is called the “Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act.” According to his bill, it “would classify the Reynosa/Los Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas as terrorist organizations.”

These cartels are why so many Americans are afraid that their towns will be overrun like so many northern Mexican towns. These are places where drug cartel members come into town and kidnap and kill at will. If they need new blood to run drugs, they have a good supply in these towns.

Roy is passionate about protecting Americans. He stated, “I’ve spent my time talking to people who actually know what’s happening at the border and I’ve been meeting with former DPS agents, people engage[d] with and rooting out cartels and the violence, and all they are telling me is that cartels are becoming increasingly violent. All of the data shows it, all of the actions show it. We have people in America being shuttled around by cartel-paid American citizens to put them in human trafficking, sex trafficking.”

The only reason why the cartels would not be placed on the list is if their Democrat brothers and sisters would fight the idea. It would not be the first time that the Democrats sided with America’s enemies. The liberals have turned their backs on Israel and conservatives as they have bowed to the wishes of China and Iran.

And now that the drug cartels have uninterrupted access to American soil, they are content to crossing without issue with their kidnapped girls strapped with drugs to sell on American streets.

Roy went on to point out the truth by telling of a situation where there was a “woman in San Antonio who was stopped, she can’t read or write, she was being terrorized, being held for ransom by the cartel, and they threatened her by showing … [a] picture of her husband, who they had murdered. This is what cartels are doing. They’re doing it in our communities. It is reaching our suburban communities. It’s time for Texas to stand up. It’s time for America to stand up.”

These cartel murderers are already on American soil because Joe Biden has provided them with a hand-written invitation to come on into the country and take out the everyday folks stirring trouble in his utopian kingdom.

Roy’s task is to strengthen American security so people do not have to live in fear of their lives or sending their kids to school. The cartels are the stigma of Mexican security and pose a significant threat to American security.

He brings up the issue as the border continues to swell with people that claim to be fleeing for their lives. But in the end, no one knows if these people are telling the truth. Many of them are proving to have previous records in America for violent crimes. And these are the people that Biden wants to let into the country. Roy stated the root of the problem is that “Americans are in danger, immigrants are in danger, and it’s the Biden administration’s fault, all for crass political purposes.” Roy wants to do the right thing and keep people safe in America and for all allies involved


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