Liberal Left Just Won’t Give up the Fight Over Nothing

Bums unite in the autonomous zone because they have nothing better to do than sit around and make trouble for everyone else. The trial of Derek Chauvin is over. The Black Lives Matter terrorists and Democrats have made their spectacles, and now it is time for everyone to return to their homes and get back to life. Or that is what ordinary people would expect to happen.

The Democrats and their Black Lives Matter slaves will not be content until every last police officer is sitting in jail. Somehow the liberals see the police as the new enemy that is worthy of their attacks.

Chauvin’s trial was politically used by the liberals and reformists as a platform to push their agenda. They needed Chauvin to be imprisoned so they could continue their push to incriminate every cop that has ever saved a life by having to take a life. Their job is never easy, and they must do things that other people can never understand until put in that position.

The focal point of the resistance is the autonomous zone located in Minneapolis. It is worshipfully located around a memorial that erected to deify George Floyd. One would fully expect that these people would have gone home, but they are awaiting the return of their self-imposed martyr.

The region they control is named George Floyd Square. The liberal city officials have allowed these thugs to set up their little base because they fear what will happen if they try and take back the block.

The city mayor is Jacob Frey. He allowed barricades to be set up in February and stated that space would reopen. But now it looks like the terrorists have moved in for good. The criminals set up these areas to hind their illegal behavior. Cops are forced to stay away so the thugs can do what they want.

The zone was never about honoring George Floyd or protesting in peace. It was just another way that the liberals could steal and loot without having to face the cops. The memorial zone is nothing more than a terrorist hideout.

The people occupying the zone have not allowed law enforcement into the area to answer calls for help, and they have kept emergency responders out. The sad reality is that anarchy has taken over that little bit of American land, and people are suffering for it. It is a picture of what is to come if the Democrats are allowed to continue to hone away Constitutional freedoms.

The zone is so bad that reporters cannot cross the line without risking bodily harm. One would think that if there were a plan to be told or demands to be made, they would want the cameras running and recording everything. But there is only silence because the zone is a farce that is being used for selfish purposes by people who want to rule as terrorists.

The activists have set up their own little security force that keeps everyone out. And they are holding the space hostage until the city gives them everything on their list of demands. This is not a memorial event. It is a hostage situation that needs to be met with National Guard forces to put it to rest.

One report stated that “The current state of the intersection known as George Floyd Square is contributing to the peace and safety of the surrounding neighborhoods. Amid ongoing threats of White Supremacist violence, in the absence of justice, the barricades and community structures at 38th and Chicago should remain through the trial of all four officers. It’s problematic to misconstrue police brutality as progress toward racial healing.”

The Democrats are holding American citizens that live in the zone hostage by not putting an end to the occupation of American soil by terrorists making demands. They feel that they are the ruling body, which is clearly an attack on American freedom. And until it is put to rest, the people having to live in these conditions will continue to fear for their lives and will never indeed be free.


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