You Have to See This! Cop Posts Hilarious Video Mocking Racist LeBron James

In case you have been living under rock as of late, there was a tweet from NBA superstar LeBron James that focused on all of the wrong things in the wake of a police-involved shooting. He posted a picture of the officer in question and clearly trying to incite his millions of followers to violence.

You see, this type of behavior is okay as long as the left is the side that is engaging in it. Of course, there are a number of good and decent cops who are doing their best to push back against the public opinion. Leftists may think that we are on the verge of a nation with no police forces but we highly doubt that.

Nate Silvester, a detective in Twin Falls, Idaho, is here to provide topical and humorous posts that are designed to shed light on the difficulties of the job. His job is a very easy one to understand: he wants to humanize the officers who serve and protect. This is designed to keep people from making the same tired assumptions over and over again.

In response to the threats that were made by James, the officer posted his own video. He decided to have a little bit of fun at the Hall of Famer’s expense and we hope that he can dish it out as well as he can take it. LeBron loves poking at the police but what happens when the police decide to poke back?

This is something that he is probably not ready to reckon with. The mainstream media won’t be shoving this clip in his face, so he’s not even going to see it. That’s too bad. We wish that we could see the look on his face when he finally gets the chance to see the clip.

In the clip, the officer stages a mock call to LeBron. He asks him for help during a hypothetical incident when he sees a black person trying to stab another black person. “Dispatch, I’ve arrived at that disturbance. Will you have LeBron James call my cellphone right away please? Thank you,” says the detective.

From there, the cop lays on the sarcasm pretty thick but his point is well taken. LeBron James (or anyone else, for the matter) cannot be relied upon to assist police officers who are in the process of making life or death decisions. These choices have to be made within a split second or the lives of others could be in danger. No one ever wants to stop and think about that, though.

For LeBron and the like, retweets and likes are the most important thing of all. They do not care whose livelihood is destroyed when they are in the process of making these threats. “Hold on, it’s LeBron,” says the officer. “LeBron, hey, yeah it’s me again. Listen, I’m out here at this disturbance call and there’s a guy trying to stab another guy with a knife. What do you think I should do?”

The officer is clearly joking but we can see that he is frustrated. Who wouldn’t be right now? The world is filled with people who think that they can tell a police officer how to do their job, even though they have never put on the uniform. It has to be annoying to deal with so many backseat drivers and Monday morning quarterbacks during times like these.

“So, you don’t care if a black person kills another black person — but you do care if a white cop kills a black person… even if he’s doing it to save the life of another black person? I mean, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but then again, you’re really good at basketball so I guess I’ll take your word for it,” the officer continues. This is a good place to wrap it up, we think. Everyone should stick to what they are best at!


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