What Is Going on? States Starting to Pay for Citizens to Get Vaccinated

Now that we have managed to vaccinate much of the population that was eager to do so, local governments are looking for a way to get through to the holdouts. Anyone who does not like the idea of bribing people to receive vaccination is not going to be thrilled about this plan. What the heck is West Virginia doing?

MSN has more about the current dilemma. As it turns out, people are not looking to be lectured on this one. Shaming does not work. “The U.S. political divide on whether to get the coronavirus vaccine suggests that “maybe there’s been too much finger-wagging,” said the head of the National Institutes of Health.

“I’ve done some of that; I’m going to try to stop and listen, in fact, to what people’s specific questions are,” NIH Director Francis Collins said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

For some people, it could be a simple case of misinformation. If they could be given the chance to speak with their general practitioner, they may change their minds. However, there are harder cases that have to be discussed. The anti-vaccine crowd is fairly committed to their point of view by now, so we are not sure what they expect to accomplish here.

The people that truly need to be reached are the folks who are of a different persuasion. For example, there are a number of young people out there who do not think that they even need to be vaccinated. How do get people who believe that they are only in danger of a mild case of the virus at most?

West Virginia has decided to ply them with cold, hard cash. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is ready and waiting to start dishing out cash. Per WV News:

“The governor later in his news conference said he’s hopeful the state will be able to give all those 16-35 savings bonds, and added that he believes a savings bond would be something meaningful to look at it in the future, rather than “just … a dash in the pan and a couple of trips to Wendy’s with your friends.”…

He added, “maybe just a real dose of patriotism from the standpoint of a savings bond” would be meaningful to the young. “Our young people should be really, really proud if they help us step up,” Justice said.

He said without vaccine buy-in from many more people, he would be “reading names” of the pandemic dead every other day, “and also we’re going to be faced with wearing these masks that nobody likes for a long, long, long time.”

Last year, an even larger vaccine bribe was proposed by former Dem presidential candidate John Delaney. He wanted to provide payments of $1,500 to $2,000 to anyone who got the jab. There’s just one problem with this mindset. The anti-vaccine crowd is not going to go along with this because bribes are a way of signaling that there is something wrong the vaccines.

“Why would they need to bribe people if the vaccines are safe?” they would ask. From there, you would also have to deal with the people who are offended that they weren’t paid for being willing and ready to take the vaccine. It’s a whole quagmire that is better off being avoided. West Virginia residents aren’t getting that sort of bribe, though. All they receive is a $100 savings bond.

We just wonder why they would not offer cold, hard cash. The young people of West Virginia are not going to be swayed by the promise of $100 in five years. One thing is clear, though. This is a state that needs to come up with a plan and fast! The willing residents already seem to have gotten their vaccinations and now the state ranks 40th out of 50 in this regard. It is time to states to get creative. West Virginia’s plan is not a perfect one but it is a start.


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