Hmmm, We Wonder Why? Victims of Biden’s Brooklyn Center Mob Tired of Washington DC Appeasement for Domestic Terrorists

The Daily Caller published some man-on-the-street interviews that were very illuminating. The gimmick was a simple one. They were speaking to people who reside in two different locations. Brooklyn Center and Washington, DC were the two cities were people were interviewed. Readers can probably already tell where this one is going.

The two locations each have their own reactions to the current unrest. The respondents from Brooklyn Center who find themselves closest to the fray are not thrilled with what is going on. They do not view riots and looting as an acceptable form of protest.

In fact, those who behave in such a manner are being viewed as opportunists and outside agitators. Meanwhile, the respondents from DC are all for the protests. It’s funny how that works. In their minds, this is a last resort for those who do not have any other way to express themselves.

There’s a very interesting subtext here. Most of the interviews that took place in Brooklyn Center were conducted with black people. These are the people who are being affected by the relentless rioting and they have had enough. “When something like this goes on the opportunistic people come out and they try to dehumanize this,” said one black man who was wearing a “Veteran” cap.

Of course, the DC riot defenders are all white women. “I mean, I think that all violence is bad violence but in the case when systems aren’t responding to any other forms of change, I can understand people getting frustrated to the point that they need to take other avenues,” said one of the insane liberals. These people find it okay because they do not have to live in it.

Perhaps the Daily Caller left some examples of black people supporting the riots on the cutting floor but from what we saw? It is business as usual. Liberal whites will sit in their cushy suburban enclaves and act like they care because that’s what sounds good in the moment. No one believes a word that they say, though.

These people do not care one iota. They look to social media for their marching orders, which are provided by plenty of people who will never put themselves within 5 miles of an active protest. It’s set up an interesting dichotomy where the people who do not reside in these cities are in support of protests but the actual residents want them to end.

This is what happens when the mainstream media encourages such a ridiculous disconnect. They are the ones who cannot stop telling people how to feel about this. Anyone who decides to think for themselves is immediately told that they are racist. That’s what makes this video such an important one.

We want to see these sheltered liberals try to reckon with the replies from black people who are being affected by the protests. They can’t pull out their usual “you’re racist!” taunts to get past this one. In fact, these folks may have to sit down and take a long, hard look in the mirror.

The DC respondents should be especially ashamed of themselves. We wish that we could be a fly on the wall when the finished product is shown to them. We are already laughing when we imagine their level of embarrassment. Here they are proclaiming their wokeness to the rest of the world, while the people who truly have to deal with it are saying that they are fed up.

This is America right now in a nutshell. These types of “well-meaning” white people will act like they care, until they are confronted with the viewpoints of people who do not see it their way. Since many of these respondents are not white people that they can shame, they are going to have a tough time wrapping their minds around this one. We wish them all of the best!


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