Report: Cuomo’s Mass Murder of More Than 15,000 Nursing Home Residents Is Even Worse Than We Knew

Report: Cuomo’s Mass Murder of More Than 15,000 Nursing Home Residents Is Even Worse Than We Knew

What is left to say about Cuomo’s monstrous behavior that has not already been said? This man needed to be impeached ages ago and we are standing firm on that. Between all of the sexual assault allegations and the mass murder of New York’s elderly population, how does this man keep getting away with it? It’s not rhetorical at this point, we are really wondering.

“Amazing that 60 Minutes missed this one,” said Charles Cooke. We agree 100 percent. Cuomo has been sweating this out since last year. State officials were able to figure out that his plan was not exactly foolproof within a few short months. His idiocy knows no bounds, though.

“We are getting anxious over here on this report,” said one of his top aides, Melissa DeRosa, at the time. They were so nervous that she was e-mailing the health officials responsible for the report. They had hoped that they would be exonerated of all wrongdoing. That is a pipe dream by now.

From there, the administration made every excuse that they could make when it came time to release the numbers. Cuomo did not want people to know that he had screwed things up this badly. In order to delay the release, Cuomo was claiming that “further analysis” was necessary.

DeRosa even took this skepticism one step further, demanding a secondary audit of the figures that were being provided because Cuomo did not trust them. Of course he didn’t! They were making him look bad. The original count was somewhere around 9,000 deaths, which is obviously more than the Cuomo team was willing to acknowledge.

They tried their best to blame Trump once his Department of Justice came to have a second look but that’s not going to work. The Democrats will always do their best to pin their problems on an unpopular Republican but it won’t keep them out of trouble in this instance. Cuomo handed his state’s elderly population a death sentence and he needs to be removed from office before he can cause any more harm.

The initial report from the department was even rewritten by several of Cuomo’s own aides. They needed to de-emphasize the number of deaths that are directly connected to Cuomo himself. Once November rolled around and it was time to release the data, they found another out.

A letter from the state health commissioner to the state assembly that was supposed to contain the data ended up magically not being sent. It took until January of this year, a full nine months after the investigation started, for the truth to be revealed. This only happened because the state’s Attorney General had enough and finally decided that it was time to step in.

According to the Times report, the original numbers that were compiled last summer are atrocious:

“It put the number of residents with Covid-19 killed in the pandemic at 9,739 through the end of May, far higher than what the administration was saying publicly at the time.

“Approximately 35 percent” of all deaths at that point “were nursing home residents,” the draft concluded.

But that version was never published. And the publicly released report instead claimed 21 percent of all deaths in New York were in nursing homes.”

This is how Cuomo made things look palatable to his constituents. “See, guys, we are not doing all that badly here. You just have to remove all of the nursing home deaths that I am directly responsible for from the tally.” We are flabbergasted and we are not the only ones.

“Whatever Governor DeSantis is baselessly accused of doing, Andrew Cuomo or someone else seems actually to have done,” said Cooke in his most recent writings. To be fair, Cuomo had to stall, okay? Otherwise, he would not have been able to promote his book about how good he was at handling the pandemic. Sadly, we are willing to bet that this human trash heap will be re-elected with ease. Democrat voters aren’t known for their smarts.


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