This Is Your President! Watch Biden Frantically Searching for His Symbolic Facemask (It’s in His Pocket)

This Is Your President! Watch Biden Frantically Searching for His Symbolic Facemask (It’s in His Pocket)

The Democrats have been living out the plot of Weekend at Bernie’s for some time now and we can’t understand it. Why would they continue down this path? It is clear as day to see that Biden is not well. Sleepy Joe got lost on stage yet again and the results are hilarious (if you are not a Democrat).

This time, Joe could not find his mask. We are unsure as to why he still needs one because he has been fully vaccinated but he appreciates the symbolism of it all. It wasn’t long before Nurse Jill made her way to the stage and tried to help him locate the mask.

Good thing he has such a good helper that is willing to assist him at all times. An attentive aide with a spare mask is very important. This administration has become a total clown show and we wish that we could laugh more. Unfortunately, these people are too deceitful and dangerous.

Biden’s tomfoolery has gotten totally out of control. Some might find these types of clips to be folksy and cute but we do not. We miss the days of having a leader that people could respect. Instead, we now have a president who is in serious danger of falling asleep in the middle of an address.

We are surprised that it hasn’t happened yet, in all frank honesty. Biden has already needed a few nap time breaks, like the weekend where he decamped to Camp David and spent the whole time sleeping and playing video games. The man had barely even been president at that point and he was already too tired to handle his duties.

When this train wreck first got started, we thought that Biden would be able to make his way through the first term without having any mishaps. He’s got that stutter and we knew that he would struggle through a few speeches. However, we assumed that he would be able to survive the next four years without having any sort of faux pas that was this drastic.

Harris is waiting in the wings to take over for him but she never could have expected that things would happen this soon. We are at a point where we would not be surprised if Biden had to take a step back before his first term is even complete. This would be a huge issue for the Democrats, who are unsure if Harris has the chops to win a second term on her own.

Let’s just say that Biden was her best chance of ever setting foot in the White House without being there as a visitor. Her chances of winning on her own were slim to none. We know that the campaign cycle feels like it unfolded decades ago at this point but no one was really going to vote for her. The liberals were not about to head to the polls and cast their vote for someone that they gleefully referred to as a police officer.

The “Kopmala” posts were flying fast and furious. Biden only chose her because he knew that Bernie Sanders is toxic and no one in the party is looking to stand next to him. He and Harris were able to suit each other’s purposes here. He handed her a free ticket to the White House and she handed him the cred that he needed to make sure that he could hold onto his more moderate voters.

Now, Harris is doing her best to make sure that people know she isn’t like all of the others. In her mind, the best thing that she can do at the moment is keep the Biden base happy. Fortunately for her, the Biden base does not have very high standards. As long as you can stay awake, you are okay with them. They just need any Democrat with a pulse…..any Democrat will do.


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