Making America Safe Again? Biden’s Lunatics Release 63,000 Violent Repeat Felons to Make Prisons Safer

Making America Safe Again? Biden’s Lunatics Release 63,000 Violent Repeat Felons to Make Prisons Safer

In order to create “safe prisons”, California plans on releasing over 60,000 violent felons. 20,000 inmates who are serving life sentences with the possibility of parole were included among those released. What is the state of California thinking? We have no idea.

“The goal is to increase incentives for the incarcerated population to practice good behavior and follow the rules while serving their time and participate in rehabilitative and educational programs, which will lead to safer prisons,” said Dana Simas, a state Office of Administrative Law spokeswoman. “Additionally, these changes would help to reduce the prison population by allowing incarcerated persons to earn their way home sooner,” she continued.

NBC News has more about this developing story: “With little notice, California on Saturday is increasing early release credits for 76,000 inmates, including violent and repeat felons, as it further trims the population of what once was the nation’s largest state correctional system.

More than 10,000 inmates convicted of a second serious but nonviolent offense under the state’s “three strikes” law will be eligible for release after serving half their sentences. That’s an increase from the current time-served credit of one-third of their sentence.

The same increased release time will apply to nearly 2,900 nonviolent third strikers, the corrections department projected.

Also as of Saturday, all minimum-security inmates in work camps, including those in firefighting camps, will be eligible for the same month of earlier release for every month they spend in the camp, regardless of the severity of their crime.

The changes were approved this week by the state Office of Administrative Law, with little public notice. They were submitted and approved within a three-week span as emergency regulations.”

Republican state Senator Jim Nielsen was in charge of the state parole board but Governor Newsom decided to go over his head. Nielsen was not pleased about the decision and blasted Newsom’s choice. “He’s doing it on his own authority, instead of the will of the people through their elected representatives or directly through their own votes,” says Nielsen.

“This is what I call Newsom’s time off for bad behavior. He’s putting us all at greater risk and there seems to be no end to the degree to which he wants to do that,” he continued. Newsom should be treading lightly at this point. He’s currently facing a recall election of his own and 2 million signatures were obtained in an effort to remove the embattled governor from office.

You would think that the governor would be a lot more cautious with his decision-making at this point. He might want to position himself to avoid a recall but that does not seem to be figuring into his thought process. We wish that we could say we were surprised but in truth, we are not.

Newsom and the Democrats that he leads are never going to admit that they have done wrong because they think everything will get swept under the rug eventually. Now that Biden is president, Newsom and his cronies are banking on the fact that they will never receive their just desserts for how they have behaved during the pandemic.

People have already been forced to endure all of the “rules for thee but not for me” rhetoric that these states dish out and now they are being asked to share the streets with some of the most hardened criminals that their state has to offer. Your taxpayer dollars hard at work, ladies and gentlemen!

These people deserve better than what they are getting and we are tired of the lack of explanations for these decisions. Sure, any sane governor would like to avoid a viral outbreak in their prisons if at all possible. Sadly, these precautions are being taken at the expense of local citizens who are now going to be in danger. How can anyone feel safe under these types of circumstances? It is a question that needs to be answered by this governor as soon as possible.


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