Biden’s Unequal Justice Under the Law – Portland Violent Looters and Arsonists Released While Innocent Capitol Protesters Still Rot in Jail

Biden’s Unequal Justice Under the Law – Portland Violent Looters and Arsonists Released While Innocent Capitol Protesters Still Rot in Jail

In the past year-plus since the Portland riots have begun, these residents have been forced to watch Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters tear their city from limb to limb. There’s no end in sight, either. Public spaces are being set on fire daily. Police stations and federal buildings are no longer safe.

The Portland police force has managed to corral some of the perpetrators. However, we want a real update. What happens to all of these people once they have been led away in handcuffs? Fox News has done a study on the matter and the results are not pretty. Those who were charged with a variety of misdemeanors? They didn’t face any real penalties at all.

These folks were allowed back out into the streets within a few hours, no worse for the wear. This is not surprising and we are certainly not advocating for harsher punishments for lesser crimes. The truly concerning aspect of the study concerns those who have been charged with felonies.

Over 100 Portland residents were charged with felonies for the role that they played in these protests. Most of them have had their cases deferred and will never see a day in prison. This excerpt from the aforementioned Fox News study is as bone-chilling as it gets:

“David Bouchard admitted he put a Customs and Border Protection officer in a chokehold. Charles Comfort was indicted by a grand jury of civil disorder for twice charging at Portland Police Bureau officers and hitting them with a makeshift shield then kicking a third officer while being arrested. Both men faced federal charges stemming from their actions during a summer of more than 100 straight nights of often violent protests in Portland. But Bouchard and Comfort are among dozens of Portland federal arrestees whose cases were dismissed or are being deferred without so much as a day behind bars.

Between May 25 and Oct. 7, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon filed federal charges against 97 people connected to the Portland unrest. Since then 58 of those cases have either been dismissed outright or are on track for dismissal through a deferred resolution agreement. Thirty-two cases are still pending, with many likely to also end in dismissal according to sources. Seven people have entered guilty pleas.”

How did things get this bad? To the best of our knowledge, there is one sole example of a protester who managed to get themselves placed in prison. This ‘genius’ decided that it was a good idea to set fire to the Justice Center…..while standing right in front of a security camera….while shirtless……while his name was tattooed on his back. This was not a difficult collar to make, we are sure.

“The prosecutors in that office, the number of prosecutors, that support, even the courthouse system, isn’t really set up to handle those sorts of numbers,” says a former prosecutor named Alex Little. Portland residents can now sleep easy. These people won’t be arrested because the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office is simply too overwhelmed!

This treatment does not square with how the Capitol protesters were treated. Every time a story comes out about one of the peaceful protesters at the Capitol who still inexplicably finds themselves locked away, the mainstream media will waste no time sweeping it under the rug. A public defender named Lisa Hay has another theory for the current issues. She believes that the defendants have been able to successfully argue that the federal government overreacted to last year’s protests.

In other words, the liberals have found yet another way to blame their actions on Donald Trump. It does not matter what they do, they cannot be held responsible for it. This nonsensical explanation is being taken with the utmost seriousness by Oregon authorities and we are tired of it. The rule of law should apply to everyone, not just the conservatives who the liberals want to see locked away. Right now, the far left is getting a free ride.


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