Dems Still in Denial About Border Crisis According to Jennifer Rubin

Dems Still in Denial About Border Crisis According to Jennifer Rubin

Jennifer Rubin is one of the most dedicated spin doctors that we have ever seen. She works with the Biden administration and their primary objective is a simple one. They are looking to downplay the crisis that is taking place at the border. Even if she has to contradict the messaging of her paper’s reporters, this is not something that bothers her.

Her “Hey, whatever happened to the border crisis?” piece from over the weekend is hilarious to read. It’s as if it was written in an entirely different universe. Here’s an excerpt from her latest bit of craziness, per the Washington Post:

“A few weeks ago, all Republicans — and in turn, the White House press corps — could talk about was the border crisis. As thousands of migrant children arrived at our southern border after fleeing life-threatening conditions in the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, Republicans claimed that President Biden — even though he repeatedly warned migrants not to come to the United States — was the reason for people sending their kids to travel thousands of miles under dangerous conditions,” she said.

The funniest part of all is that she linked to a CNN story, as opposed to sharing a link from her own newspaper that went against everything she is saying. Her story is night and day when compared with the recent piece from the Washington Post that was more clear-eyed about the border crisis. Compare this excerpt to the one above:

“The prudent tone Biden’s team sounded in December was harder to detect on Inauguration Day, as the guardrails started coming off. Biden issued more executive orders and actions on immigration than any other topic, including a 100-day deportation moratorium and a halt to border wall construction…

Word soon spread that families with children younger than 7 years old were being allowed to enter the United States and released from custody. Families fitting that profile began rushing to that span of the border, where U.S. agents were already overwhelmed by soaring numbers of teens and children arriving alone,” the Post said at the time.

Yes, Biden may have said “don’t come” but his actions spoke much louder than these words ever could. Now, if you take another look at what Rubin had to say about this, you won’t be able to stop laughing. It’s like she is living in a completely different world from the rest of us. This bit is one for the ages:

“The administration was caught flat-footed by the issue, but it made clear that the number of arrivals kept pace with the usual seasonal trends plus some pent-up demand to leave Central America due to two hurricanes and the pandemic. Biden officials vowed to get things under control.”

While Biden did say this, the information is very much out of date. That is why the piece ended up being revised and the following line was put in by editors: “What is more unusual at this moment is the increase in border crossings by unaccompanied minors, which appears to be more than just a seasonal pattern.”

We do not know why they are still trying to make the seasonal pattern claims but that’s all they have left at this stage of the game. Rubin also claims that it does not matter how many children arrive at the border, as long as they receive swift processing. This woman clearly does not know the rules and we would love to ask her some easy questions about how asylum works.

Rubin also finishes with this tired argument:

“The administration is facing a crisis — two, in fact. And it is working on both. The first is that the violence, hunger and damage from hurricanes in Central America remains so bad that children are forced to flee. Vice President Harris has been meeting with the Northern Triangle countries to address the underlying problems that cause the mass migration and working on ways to abet the suffering…

The United States has yet to ameliorate the conditions that force parents to send their children here, but it is providing safe haven for thousands of children.”

Here’s what she doesn’t understand: providing aid is only going to offer more incentive (and funding) to make the journey. This is classic spin and we hope that Biden’s poll numbers end up being a reflection of that.


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