Sanctuaries…Coming to a City Near You!

Sanctuaries…Coming to a City Near You!

Welcome to Biden’s America. If you were expecting safety or unity, get ready to have your dreams crushed.

Joe Biden isn’t interested in slowing the flow of immigrants at the U.S. southern border. It’s why he appointed Kamala Harris to “handling the crisis.” It could show that he’s doing something about it without really doing anything. Plus, his reputation is now protected because it’s not his responsibility to fix the border.

Everything that Biden has done so far as president has shown that he’s looking to invite as many immigrants into the country as possible.

  1. He reversed all Trump-era policies regarding immigration.
  2. He invited immigrants to be in the country by January 1 to enjoy a pathway to citizenship.
  3. He hired Ed Gonzalez to be the director of ICE.

Each and every action has been dangerous. However, it’s also leading to more sanctuary cities.

Oh, those sanctuary cities. They’re the cities that have decided not to cooperate with Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE). They’ll work to keep illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes in the U.S. and out of jail.

Forget about whether sanctuary cities are legal. They’re not safe. Residents are left to feel unsafe and vulnerable because there are criminals roaming the streets. And rather than arrest these criminals (who are also illegal aliens), they’re being protected.

And with the hiring of Ed Gonzalez, a sheriff out of a liberal county in Texas, it proves that President Biden is in full support of sanctuary cities.

Gonzalez has a long history of pushing against ICE. He didn’t believe in turning people over to ICE. He most certainly didn’t agree with the ICE program that required law enforcement officers to identify jail inmates who were eligible for deportation.

Listen carefully. Biden chose a person who didn’t believe in identifying jail inmates for deportation because they were illegal aliens.

If a person is an illegal alien, they are in the country illegally. They should be flagged for deportation based solely on the fact that they are in the country illegally. However, if they are already a jail inmate, it means that they have committed crimes above and beyond their immigration status.

Why are we protecting these people? According to Gonzalez, it’s because they have done nothing wrong. And if they have done something wrong, he still wants to protect them – and so does the entire Biden administration.

What happens now? Prepare yourself…

Sanctuary cities will be popping up all over the country. Actually, Biden is already looking at cities around the U.S. to become sanctuaries.

After all, if you’re going to open the borders, you have to have a place for everyone to go. It wouldn’t be very nice of the Biden administration to let in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants only for them to be arrested or deported, would it?

This is setting a very dangerous precedent.

Law-abiding citizens are going to be dealing with their cities being turned into sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. These immigrants entered the country illegally, have likely committed crimes in the past, and will continue to commit crimes because the liberal district attorneys in sanctuary cities don’t actually press charges.

So, now, law-abiding citizens will have to wonder when it’s their turn to play the victim. And, should an American citizen commit a crime, there is no sanctuary for them. They’re sentenced and imprisoned.

The Biden administration has chosen a side. Rather than putting America and Americans first, they’re choosing to put immigrants first. Immigrants will get housing before homeless Americans. Immigrants will get employed before unemployed Americans. And, immigrants will gain access to Medicare, Welfare, and even Social Security.

The border crisis is the way that it is because Biden has made the U.S. look so accommodating to those in Mexico and across Central America. And as more people enter illegally, Biden will continue to create more sanctuary cities across the U.S. so they are safe to commit as many crimes as they wish without fear of being deported.


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