Biden’s Vaccine Hypocrisy! World Leaders Loose Patience With Biden’s Non-Existent Vaccine Plan

Biden’s Vaccine Hypocrisy! World Leaders Loose Patience With Biden’s Non-Existent Vaccine Plan

The Washington Post must have forgotten who they are dealing with here. Joe Biden is not a man who makes plans. He is a man who makes hyperbolic statements and hopes that the rest takes care of itself. This is the strategy that he has used for both immigration and vaccination.

Thus far, Biden has managed to skate completely. He’s got a great plan. He uses the Trump playbook, while putting on a big front for his voters and acting like he’s thrown all Trump-era policies out the window. The rest of the world has obvious questions that need to be answered. They need assistance and they need it now! The Post has more:

“History is going to measure whether we’re up to the task. I believe we are,” Biden said on Jan. 21, unveiling a seven-goal, 200-page plan that he vowed would curb the virus here and abroad while preparing for future pandemics.

But almost four months later, the last of those seven goals — a vow to “restore U.S. leadership globally” detailed in 11 pages of that nascent plan — remains the subject of intense debate within the administration and of growing concern overseas, with officials still wrestling over how to fill in the many blanks in Biden’s plan as cities in India run out of space to cremate their dead.

Global allies want more clarity on how the United States plans to share its resources, know-how — and especially, its growing vaccine stockpile. Advocates say there’s no time to waste, pointing to virus surges crippling India and other countries that collectively reported more than 5 million cases in the past week.”

Biden wants to impress the historians of the future but these plans are coming at the expense of the rest of the world. The Washington Post’s Dan Diamond and Tyler Pager have spoken to people who work with the Biden administration. They are painting a very stark picture of what is going on right now. According to them, there is not much to report on this front. Here’s another chilling excerpt from the Post’s piece:

“Even some administration officials concede that Biden’s recent decision to support the developing world’s petition for a vaccine-patent waiver, which drove a wedge with drug companies that sped hundreds of millions of doses to inoculate America and is unlikely to boost supply this year, shows the risk of dribbling out tactics, rather than setting out a comprehensive strategy to help vaccinate the world.

“Where is the plan?” asked one Department of Health and Human Services official involved in the coronavirus response who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private deliberations. “The waiver is not a plan.”

The waiver is not a cure-all (pardon the pun). In fact, it is only going to make things worse. Yes, allowing additional manufacturers to step into the fray allows for the creation of more vaccines. On the other hand, there are legitimate concerns about quality control and FDA certifications that have yet to be addressed.

The better option would be to have Pfizer and Moderna contract out their manufacturing themselves. Instead of making this obvious decision, Biden is putting them up against United States officials and creating unneeded difficulties. This is to be expected. He’s not the most strategic thinker and his approaches leave a lot to be desired. The Biden administration is typically at a loss once their usual strategy of “blame the Trump administration” fails.

Biden’s also a big fan of making flowery speeches that do not lead anywhere positive. He gets shocked when the American people have the audacity to take him at his word. This is what happens when you elect a president that has been knocking around Washington for five decades without ever achieving anything worthy of a more advanced discussion. He’s an empty shell for whatever the liberals want to project onto him and sadly, that is all he is ever going to be.


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