Go Woke and Go Broke! Ratings for NBA Drop Another 13% Even Compared to Last Years Horrible Season

Go Woke and Go Broke! Ratings for NBA Drop Another 13% Even Compared to Last Years Horrible Season

When leagues attempt to go work, they always go broke. They all believe that they are going to be the league that showcases their wokeness to the world and draws new fans. That never happens. All that they end up doing is running off all of their longtime fans with the excessive displays.

No one wants politics in their sports. The NBA ratings are the surest sign of this. LeBron James, who loves the Chinese and hates the police, is spearheading their “movement”. The league was not starting off from a great place ratings wise anyway. Last season was a total disaster.

The ratings have declined by a whopping 13 percent. OutKick has more background on the decline and NBA fans should be worried. “The NBA ratings are worse than we thought last month when we found out they were worse than we thought. Headed into the final week of the 2020-21 season, the NBA has averaged 1.4 million viewers across ESPN, ABC, and TNT, down 13% from last year’s disastrous COVID-interrupted, bubble season.”

The numbers are disturbing, to say the least. The liberals should be very concerned about the effect that their political bellyaching is having on the ratings. When the league’s salary cap is forced to decrease because of the sudden lack in revenue, this could directly affect player salaries. That’s not all, either.

“NBA defenders — at ESPN, Bleacher Report, USA Today and every other sports media outlet — are running out of excuses. “It’s the bubble,” they yelled last year when the ratings tanked. Make no mistake, the NBA’s declines have undoubtedly reached headquarters. Coming into the 2020-21 season, NBA games on ABC — the league’s most prominent broadcast partner — were down 45% since 2011-12. Yes, 45%. Within that same time frame, NBA broadcasts on TNT were down 40%, and ESPN was down 20%.”

There you have it! They cannot blame the bubble this time. We are not sure how that excuse would even have flown the first time. If everyone was stuck in the house bored, how or why would they turn away from sports? It didn’t make sense at the time and we weren’t buying the excuse then.

As for the rest of us, we are here to say that we told you so. Americans do not want politics in their sporting contests and this is something that has been proven over and over again. We cannot wait for the rest of the excuses to start flowing from all of the NBA liberals.

They’ll claim that it is cord cutting that is eating into their numbers and issue some vague statements about reaching out to younger viewers. Apparently, the older viewers have gotten very tired of being told how to think and feel by their favorite athletes. Even LeBron James is not immune to such issues.

James may have thought that he could use his platform to threaten a police officer and get away with it but that did not happen. Instead, he was rightfully called out for the post. In typical liberal fashion, he deleted the post and claimed that his words were not properly construed.

That is not what he meant and he knows it. James and his ilk are actively turning away all of their fans but we are sure that they won’t mind until their paychecks are affected. Maybe James can lecture some more GMs about how to speak out about Chinese communism. Daryl Morey would be so proud of him!

LeBron probably isn’t worried because he has all sorts of other investments to fall back on. The rest of the players who are watching their pie shrink thanks to LeBron are not going to be that amused. We can’t wait until the league is forced to deal with the financial consequences of these choices. As it turns out, the pandering that they thought would be so helpful to them has not panned out. Time to head back to the drawing board, Adam Silver!


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