College Checklist: Good Dorms, High profile Instructors, Not Paid for by China

College Checklist: Good Dorms, High profile Instructors, Not Paid for by China

Finding a college can be an overwhelming decision. There are so many things to look at – majors, the quality of the dorms, the profile of the instructors, and so much more. Yet, thanks to Biden’s America, students are forced to look at another thing…

Is the school being paid for by China?

As much as liberals want to pretend that China is our friend, they are most certainly not. They have been infiltrating our government and our higher education system for years. They hate our country’s system of government, and they would love to strip personal liberties and rights away – just as they have done of citizens in their own country.

Many colleges and universities around the country get “gifts” from organizations associated with the Chinese government.

Why are these “gifts” being given? The reasons vary. It can allow more Chinese students into the school, it can go toward a specific research project, or even fund an entire department.

Money is money according to many schools. And some schools are raking in millions of dollars a year.

Shouldn’t we know whether a school is being influenced by Chinese money? Absolutely. And this is why Mo Brooks, a Republican Representative out of Alabama, is introducing legislation that would require schools to disclose any foreign influence.

Any and all foreign donors should be listed – and require the schools to list the reasons for the gifts.

Zero Foreign Influence in Education Act is the bill that’s being proposed – and it is specifically targeting the “geopolitical foes” of the U.S., including China.

The bill is pointing to Section 117 of the Higher Education Act, which is an existing requirement for schools to report gifts or contracts that are $250,000 or above in a calendar year. The problem is that foreign adversaries have discovered a workaround. By spacing out the checks and keeping each one under $250,00 a year, the school doesn’t have to report on it.

Brooks has explained how the Chinese government works opposite of ours with our principles of democracy. “The Chinese Communist Party does not believe in any of those things and in fact, severely punishes people in China who cherish individual liberty or support democracy.”

When you look at all that China stands for, why would we accept their donations? It is clear that they are trying to influence. They’re trying to buy our acceptance of their communist ways by infusing cash into colleges and universities. And by doing so, they gain influence into decisions that pertain to the higher education of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.

Brooks identified that both the FBI and State Department have acknowledged that Confucius Institutes have facilitated espionage by creating easy access points for Communist spices, particularly within our universities.

Now that we know this, we can’t possibly allow for donations. And if the colleges and universities are going to accept such donations, they should at least be forced to report on it. This way, students can decide what kind of university they are going to attend.

If a person knowingly chooses to attend a school where there’s a significant influence from Communist China, they can be prepared. They can understand what they’re getting themselves into. It can also lead to students choosing their schools with greater caution to ensure that they are not being unknowingly influenced by a foe of the American government.

Confucius Institute chapters have been found around the United States. They’ve got ties to the communist party – and they’re exerting power on campuses. While many of the chapters have closed as a result of the federal government cracking down, many still exist. The Trump administration had proposed a rule to require schools to disclose partnerships with these institutes – yet the Biden administration withdrew the rule.

Chinese influence has to be stopped. If the Biden administration isn’t going to do it, students at least need basic information to make educated decisions about the schools they choose to attend.


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