Dems Rush for More Segregation! Chicago Restaurants Now Have “Vaccinated Only” Sections

Dems Rush for More Segregation! Chicago Restaurants Now Have “Vaccinated Only” Sections

We have warned our readers over and over and over again about this. People told us that we were full of it and that we were subscribing to conspiracy theories. However, it is happening and it is happening much faster than we could have ever expected.

As Chicago looks to lift many of their pandemic restrictions, they are making the shift to legalized segregation much more quickly than we predicted. That’s right, more and more places are going with the vaccinated/non vaccinated approach when it comes to splitting up their patrons. This is something that we have already been seeing at NBA playoff games, namely the New York Knicks contest the other night.

Chicago has decided that they want a piece of this action and we cannot wait to see what comes of this. It is perfectly understandable to try and kick start your stalled economy but to do it at the expense of people’s dignity would seem to be a bit much. While some businesses are still requiring visitors to wear masks, others have taken the segregation approach. CBS Chicago has more about this decision-making process:

“Chicago restaurant owners hoping to ease concerns for those who may be apprehensive about dining out have a solution: a vaccinated only section.

Although the city is still in the bridge phase of its reopening plan, city guidance allows businesses to operate with no restrictions as long as only vaccinated people are allowed in that area.

Those will be in place at Moe’s Cantina this weekend, where a neon bracelet will be the key to a seat in the unrestricted vaccinated section of the restaurant. The unvaccinated section will continue to have distanced tables and partitions.”

The restaurant in question plans to issue brightly colored wristbands, so that the people at these locations are able to differentiate. It’s like a nightclub where they are putting wristbands on those who can legally drink, except the purposes here are far more nefarious. If you’re vaccinated, you get to sit at the normal tables and there are plenty of seats to be had.

The section that is being provided for those who are not vaccinated is not nearly as nice. There are less seats available. In addition to the lack of seating, partitions are going to be placed between all of the diners and staff. Moe’s Cantina can claim that they are simply getting back to normal if they like but this does not seem normal from where we are sitting.

We are in favor of the vaccines but we are also in favor of allowing Americans to make the choices that they want to make. People should be allowed to make their own decisions, based on common sense. Moe’s also does not seem to realize what they are doing to their employees. These folks are now forced to make decisions about who gets to sit where.

This puts them directly in the line of fire if someone decides that they have a problem with us. People have been inside for over a year and they are infuriated by the circumstances that they have been forced to deal with. How can anyone expect them to take these kinds of rules and exceptions laying down? Employees could be hurt or even killed over these types of disputes.

Even the mask mandates have been hard for employees to enforce but now these people want them to become doctors, too. Are they the ones who are going to go through everyone’s vaccination cards to make sure that they are legit? How can they tell the difference between a real one and someone’s attempt at creating a fake?

These are not questions that they are equipped to answer. There is going to be a thriving black market, regardless of what is done here. Chicago is not prepared for that. Even if you fire every medical personnel who is found to be selling the cards, the deluge is not going to stop.


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