Oh the Hatred! Hoaxer Raises Money on College Campuses Explicitly to Fund Hamas’ Killing Jews – Watch What Happened

Oh the Hatred! Hoaxer Raises Money on College Campuses Explicitly to Fund Hamas’ Killing Jews – Watch What Happened

After all of the terrible news that we have taken in as of late, we could use a cleansing of the proverbial palate. This story is not that. In fact, it is every bit as sour and bitter as all of the other stories that have been circulating in all sorts of liberal cities.

The fact that this one happened to take place in Portland is just icing on the cake. This is the story of college students who have allowed themselves to be manipulated in favor of a very sleazy cause. College students are notoriously easy to convince of these things and now they have been conned into funding Hamas’ terror campaign.

It’s not like these students are in favor of law and order anyway. If we had to guess, these are the same people who have been lighting federal buildings on fire and swinging at any police officer who dares to look at them. The video’s title says it all, too.

They want Hamas to slaughter Jewish people and they think that this is a very funny way to spend their time. What you’re about to see is very special but not for the reasons that you might think. We love clips like these that force us to make judgments for ourselves.

It’s the sort of thing that is going to make you wonder how earnest all sides of the conversation are being. This is a funny combination of ignorance and the natural human instinct to be as kind as possible. College students are an interesting breed in this way.

We wonder how many parents have been deluged by calls and e-mails from their college aged children who want to talk about this conflict all of a sudden. Parents who have studied the conflict and made their own informed decisions are now being told that they are racists.

Thanks to this video, college students can now see how silly they look. The man appears to be lobbying them in an earnest manner but we are not sure. It is entirely possible that this is a joke that is designed to call attention to how stupid it can be for Americans to weigh in on things that they obviously know very little about.

The part that gets our goat is that many of the students don’t seem to realize that the man is either deranged or pulling their leg. How much of this is evidence of these students’ kindness and how much of it is evidence of moral rot? It’s a very interesting question and it does not necessarily have to boil down to an either/or response.

Our opinion is a simple one. We think that this man is looking to prove a point about how gullible these students can be and they are bending over backwards to show him how right he is. Granted, none of this is new. For the younger readers out there, ask your parents who attended college if they ever attended any protests for causes that they were blissfully unaware of.

Anyone who came of age during the Vietnam War can definitely relate to these types of conversations. The prospect of idealistic kids being swept up in a cause that makes perfect sense to them in the moment is not a new one by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just amazing to us that no one seems to pick up on the tone here.

If a man approaches us and says that he is looking to wipe Israel off the map, we are probably not going to accept this in good faith. The fact that so many others are willing to is definitely evidence of a deeply embedded cultural rot that is not going to go away anytime soon. The video is a must see, for reasons that you are not going to expect. It’s a powerful three minutes, to say the least.


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