Liberals Cry to Stop Torturing Our Enemies

Liberals Cry to Stop Torturing Our Enemies

Enemies are enemies for a reason. They have said or done something that threatens national security. And, when we need to get information from our enemies, there is a complete interrogation manual that can be followed.

Only, now, the liberals don’t want us to interrogate with too much force.

We have to be cautious about the snowflakes out there. We certainly wouldn’t want to hurt one of our enemies, would we?

Liberal advocates want to see changes made to an Army field manual that is used to guide national security interrogations around the country. Specifically, they want to see the components of torture removed, such as the CIA techniques notoriously used in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A letter was delivered to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to request these revisions.

So, is there torture happening right now? Not any that are currently identified. However, it would ensure that legal loopholes cannot be explored by future administrations.

The torture that happened under the reign of George W. Bush many years ago is what many are concerned about. However, he allowed the torture to ensure that valuable intel could be obtained. Scott Roehm, the Washington director for the Center for Victims of Torture is concerned about loopholes that would allow similar torture measures to take place.

Roehm explained that the current Army field manual would allow someone to torture or inflict cruel treatments on the enemy. And what would happen when the U.S. faces its next crisis? Do we allow the torture or do we ban it?

The letter delivered to Austin was cosigned by Roehm’s organization along with the American Civil Liberties Union, and many others.  Austin wasn’t the only one to receive the letter. It was also sent to the directors of the FBI and National Intelligence.

Suddenly, the liberals want to make sure that Biden makes good on a campaign promise. This may come after he’s failed on so many of his other promises. Biden had promised to “reaffirm the ban on torture” – and a revision of the interrogation guidelines would certainly help with this.

There’s predominantly one document within the manual that needs a revision. It’s known as “Human Intelligence Collector Operations.”

Current prohibited actions include mock executions, waterboarding, and electric shocks. What about some of the “enhanced” interrogation techniques used by the CIA? The liberals want to ensure that there is no cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. Do they not realize that we already have that in place through the United Nations?

However, they want to be sure that no one is going to interrogate cruelly. Therefore, they’re being specific about what should be listed as prohibited actions, including “rectal feeding” and “rectal rehydration.” Some of the prohibitions existed in the 1992 version of the manual but were deleted in 2006.

Obtaining information is critical. However, we cannot participate in cruel and inhuman treatment. No one is arguing this. However, the letter is also requesting the removal of the “Emotional Fear-Up Approach” which means that the interrogator would prey on the detainees’ preexisting fears.

This is just another way to weaken the military. There are ways to train interrogators without taking away all of their options. We can threaten without being inhuman. However, too many revisions can also make the U.S. military look softer, ensuring that our threats won’t be taken seriously.

We cannot continue to let the liberals change the way that we interrogate. We cannot let them change the way that we conduct ourselves in times of war. Otherwise, we’ll be the laughingstock of the world. It will only be a matter of time before we’re not the best military in the world.

And, they’ll demand that we use Nerf guns so as not to kill anyone. It won’t matter that the other countries will be armed with real bullets and real nuclear weapons. We have to set an example, even if that means dying at the hands of our enemies in the process.


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