Judge Frees Accused Jan 6 Protester After Biden’s FBI Caught Falsifying Evidence – Again

Judge Frees Accused Jan 6 Protester After Biden’s FBI Caught Falsifying Evidence – Again

Chris Kelly is a brave patriot from the state of New York and he has a sad story to tell. On January 20, he was arrested in New York’s southern district. His first court appearance took place on February 9, with the use of teleconferencing. According to FBI prosecutors, Kelly stood accused of entering the US Capitol building during the January 6 protests.

Kelly was hit with a litany of charges because of the incident: Obstruction of an Official Proceeding; Aiding and Abetting; Unlawful Entry to Restricted Building or Grounds; Violent Entry and Disorderly Conduct. After a legal battle that has gone on for the past four months, Kelly’s charges have finally been dropped.

As it turns out, the FBI was lying the entire time. The charges should have been dropped from the very beginning because they were a total lie. They tried to fabricate the charges to build a case against someone who did nothing wrong. Are these criminal agents going to be held accountable for what they have done?

Of course not. This is Biden’s America. The following NBC News report is a must-read:

“Federal prosecutors told a federal judge Tuesday that they intend to drop a Capitol riot case against a New York man accused of having been inside the Capitol during the siege in January.

It is the first of the nearly 500 Capitol riot cases to collapse for lack of evidence.

The man, Christopher Kelly of New York City, was arrested Jan. 20 after the FBI said a paid confidential informant told agents that Kelly was posting material on a Facebook Messenger app about the riot and his plans to be in Washington on Jan. 6. The informant said a photo taken inside the Capitol was also posted, according to the FBI.

In the charging documents filed in court, an FBI agent said, “I believe the messages and image … reflect that Chris Kelly was using this account to inform associates that he had breached the Capitol and was inside.”

The court document accompanying the charges included photos that the FBI said showed Kelly on the Capitol grounds, but they did not include any further indication that he entered the building.”

While this may be the first case of this nature to fall apart because of a lack of evidence, we highly doubt that it will be the last. The FBI has tried their best to paint everyone who was present on this fateful day with a criminal brush. What happened to Americans having the ability to protest in a peaceful manner?

We have been told for over a year now that anyone who stands in opposition to these types of protests is not a real American. What happened here? These are not the actions of a government that claims to support peaceful protests. To be clear, we do not condone any form of violence or criminal behavior that took place during the protests on January 6.

Anyone who has been found to have been in violation of the laws at the Capitol building should be punished to the fullest extent. That’s not up for debate here. The part that bothers us is easy enough to understand. People who were not trying to make their way into the building or behave in a violent manner are being treated as if they did something wrong.

This is not something that any American should want to be a part of, whether unwittingly or otherwise. When the far left cheers on these arrests (right after they are done smashing up our major cities), they are coming across every bit as cold and unfeeling as they accuse others of being.

Kudos to Kelly for getting his charges dropped but it should not have been a four month battle with the Feds. We shudder to think of all the people who are still battling phony charges like his, without any hope of getting their case dropped anytime soon. This certainly won’t be the last story of its kind.


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