NCAA Takes on DeSantis and Finds out They Are Not That Important

NCAA Takes on DeSantis and Finds out They Are Not That Important

The girls in the state of Florida are well protected from the predators that lurk within the Democratic Party. The liberals want boys who want to play being a girl for a day to compete in sports against real women. But what that opens up is that women are losing at everything they compete in because the wannabe girls are still men competing with male attributes, proving to be unfair in the world of sports.

But the NCAA does not see the problem with unfair sports competitions. They have come against several states and threatened them with pulling their events if they did not allow the sex-changers to compete as the gender they claim to be for that day. Leave it to the liberals to threaten and force people to give in to their dangerous position.

Ron DeSantis is not a man to be pushed around. He took to the airways and told the NCAA that they have no power to tell the state of Florida how to protect its girls. DeSantis signed a bill that prohibits biological males from competing in biological female sports.

The governor stated that “I think as these bills were going through various legislatures, I remember the NCAA put out a statement saying any state that enacts this, we’re not going to hold events there. And so I called the Speaker of the House in Florida and I said, ‘did you hear what they said?’ And he’s like, ‘yeah,’ I said, we definitely got to get this done.”

The large organizations think they can bully state governments into giving in to their demands. DeSantis was evident that “You can’t be cowed by these organizations, or particularly by woke corporations from doing the right thing. And so my view was throughout this whole time, we have to protect our girls, it is discriminatory to force them to compete against biological males.”

The Democrats claim to be a fair party, but they indeed are not being fair to people that want to live everyday life without having the insanity of the liberal left flooding into the moment. DeSantis stated that “And so if the price of having a tournament is that I have to deny equal opportunity to hundreds of thousands of young girl and women athletes throughout Florida, I am much more willing to stand with the girls. And to hell with these events.”

The state of Florida has a long history of sports. Programs that are fair and upright. And for a man that wants to wear a dress to want to compete against the opposite sex is beyond insanity. His male ego will never find fulfillment in beating up on those that are smaller than oneself.

The pressure that the NCAA and other organizations can put on a person is immense. The very idea of a multi-million-dollar event being removed from a community is devastating. But the cost is too high to allow these organizations to bully their way into an area where protection is needed.

The perversion that some men want to engage in is beyond sanity. There is nothing cute about these boys wanting to play the game of motherhood. Their perversion is an abnormality against nature. And there certainly is nothing attractive about it. A boy with long hair is still a boy no matter what he does to his body. His chromosomes will still contain the defining Y.

In one instance of unfair conduct, two men competing in female sports beat every girl on the field. And the leading girl missed the next race because boys wanted to wear dresses competing like they were girls. The unfair liberal practices of tolerance are already taking a toll on fairness and conservative lifestyles.

DeSantis would say in an interview that “we did a strong election integrity bill in Florida, actually stronger than Georgia. And we just made it clear. We’re standing with our folks, we’re gonna do the right thing. And so if corporations want to come in and try to bully us around, they are going to go nowhere. It’s going to be like hitting their head against a brick wall. The result has been, we’ve had very little to do with that elections bill. And I don’t think we’re gonna have very much to do at this point here, because we leaned into it and we stood strong.” And now girls are safe in the state in the state of Florida.


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