After Lying for a Year Democrats Can Longer Deny the True Origin of the Wuhan Virus

Leana Wen may be worried about what may happen if Americans start to come around to the lab leak theory but we are not. She’s a well meaning person and we understand where she is coming from. On the other hand, an increasing number of Americans already believe it.

In fact, the numbers show that a sizable number of Americans believed in the lab leak theory all along. The Republican party has been all in on this one since the very beginning. It is the Democrats who were resistant. The so-called expert class has finally decided to put aside their personal feelings now, though.

As the evidence continues to mount, it is easy to see why they would do so. Scientists still believe that the virus evolved in a natural manner before making its jump from animal subjects to human beings. Dr. Fauci was trying his best to keep that narrative going but even his resolve is starting to weaken.

The theories vary, as there are some who believe that the virus had a natural evolution and somehow escaped out of storage. Others think that the virus was created in a Chinese lab but that the leak was accidental. So which theory has become the most popular these days?

There are many who believe that the Chinese created the virus deliberately and released it as a means of attacking the United States. However, the deliberate release theory is not all that logical. Why would China do this before they knew if they were able to contain the virus or not? It seems hard to believe that they would endanger their own population like this, just to attack the United States.

If they had already locked down Wuhan by the time the virus was released, we might have gone along with this theory. It seems tough to fathom otherwise. Americans are obviously suspicious of the Chinese and they are not a country that we can fully trust. The fact of the matter is that this level of malevolence is plausible, even if the Chinese were putting their own people in danger.

According to polls, the more educated the American, the more likely they are to subscribe to theories that remove most of the culpability from the Chinese. “It’s a poll showing the more educated are overconfident in their views,” says our friend justkarl. This tweet sums up our thoughts on these polls exactly. The least educated are the ones who embrace the theories about China releasing the virus in a deliberate manner.

“The world has been profoundly disrupted. It’s much more comforting to believe it the result of some malign actor than nature just f***ing with us,” said another tweeter and we fully agree. We can understand why so many people are willing to go along with the seemingly crazier theories, for this reason. That’s not to say that we agree but we are just letting the world know that we can understand where these people are coming from.

It’s not all borne from a place of racism. People just want a simple explanation for the very complicated year that they have just experienced. Whenever there is a period of massive upheaval, there are always going to be conspiracy theories that follow. People want to believe that there are powerful actors who are pulling all of the strings because the randomness of the universe can be a very tough thing to grapple with.

The real worry for us right now has to do with the vaccine. GOP members are more scared of the vaccine than the virus and this is why we are terrified of another wave this summer. The longer that people go without vaccination, the more likely we are to have variants to deal with. The Democrats may finally be coming around to the idea that the Chinese are at least indirectly responsible for this but that does not mean that it is time to get complacent.


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