That’s Not Inspiring Confidence! Nurses Walking out Over Vaccine Mandate

That’s Not Inspiring Confidence! Nurses Walking out Over Vaccine Mandate

A major Houston hospital and its nursing staff are in the midst of a massive disagreement. Houston Methodist Hospital is now requiring all of their staff members to get vaccinated. The only exemptions that are being provided are for those with religious exemptions and/or health issues.

If the staffers do not receive their injections, they are no longer going to be employed at the hospital. Houston Methodist Hospital CEO Marc Bloom announced this mandate in April. His reasoning is simple: he wants the establishment to lead by example. This is not the first time that the hospital had made such a request.

In 2009, all staff members were required to receive flu shots. Those who do not receive COVID-19 shots will be terminated or suspended. This hospital has over 25,000 employees and by end of the month of April, nearly 85 percent had been vaccinated. The holdouts do not represent the majority but nurses are already being fired for their refusal to comply.

She requested an exemption and it was denied. From there, she was told that it was time to put in her two weeks’ notice. Not willing to accept this without a fight, the story was taken to the local media. Now, the hospital is facing a lawsuit, as 117 staffers have raised their objections. Hot Air has more:

“The complaint, filed in state court, says Houston Methodist’s vaccine mandate violates a set of medical ethics standards known as the Nuremberg Code, which was designed to prevent experimentation on human subjects without consent. The code was created after World War II in response to the medical atrocities Nazis committed against prisoners in concentration camps.

“Methodist Hospital is forcing its employees to be human ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment,” the complaint states. It adds that the mandate “requires the employee to subject themselves to medical experimentation as a prerequisite to feeding their families.” Elsewhere, it falsely characterizes the coronavirus vaccines as an “experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection.” Experts said the notion that the vaccines were “experimental” or based on an untested technology was incorrect.”

No decision has been made yet when it comes to the lawsuit. The deadline for employees to get vaccinated has come and gone. Monday was the last day. Nurses staged a walk out but its effectiveness remains to be seen. Before anyone asks, an employer is able to require their employees to get vaccinated. Yes, they are also allowed to require proof of that vaccination. Per KHOU:

“In December 2020, as the first vaccines were rolling out across America, the EEOC posted guidance online about vaccines and the workplace. The federal commission does not consider a vaccine a medical examination, so an employer can require a COVID-19 shot. The case for a mandate is stronger if getting the vaccine is “job-related and consistent with business necessity.”

According to the EEOC, an employer can even ask to see proof because the vaccine card doesn’t include details about a person’s disability.

The EEOC states an employer must allow for medical or religious exemptions.”

Houston Methodist Hospital CEO Bloom remains aligned with the EEOC ruling. The vaccine is safe and what he is doing is legal, so he stands by the choice. The nurses who are losing their jobs will have to find somewhere else to go, unless a judge is willing to step in and rule in their favor. Jennifer Bridges is one of the nurses who is leading the charge, as she waits for the vaccine to receive full FDA approval.

“I don’t think anyone should ever lose their job just because they do not want to get an injection that they are not comfortable with. They should have at least compromised with us and given us a chance since it is just emergency use authorization right now,” Bridges says. We are going to come out and say it: we highly doubt this tactic will change anyone’s mind but best of luck to them!


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