Oh My God! Senile Biden Wants to Run Again in 2024 – Good Luck

Oh My God! Senile Biden Wants to Run Again in 2024 – Good Luck

If you have been following what we have had to say in this space, you have probably noticed one of our most common predictions. We have always believed that Sleepy Joe Biden was setting things up to hand them off to Kamala Harris, either at the end of his first term or some time before. Well, it seems that he has heard these rumblings and now he is looking to squash the rumors.

Harris is not doing much to bolster the narrative that she is ready for the task. If Biden does not continue in the role, who is going to? She does not seem anywhere near as viable as the Democrats might have hoped. Of course, this is not much different from where she was before Biden rescued her from political obscurity.

The far left has never been a fan, referring to her as a police officer at every turn. Biden was probably hoping that some of his populist sheen would rub off on her but he’s not exactly the most beloved man in America right now either. Harris just so happens to be doing worse than him in this regard.

Sadly for the Democrats, they are in real trouble if their man cannot summon the juice to give it another run in 2024. They simply do not have another viable candidate on deck at the moment. “One of the least talented politicians in the country,” said Andrew Sullivan of Harris when he got the chance to check out her meltdown when she was speaking with Lester Holt.

Even the mainstream news media sources are grilling the heck out of her, which is not a good sign when they are usually more than willing to carry the water for the Democrats. The idea that Harris can ever win a national election on her own is a total misnomer. The Democrats seem to be slowly making peace with this idea and they are going to be prepare as needed.

Harris is one of the few Democrats that you can say this about without drawing any ire from the left. They never liked her, either. She was just a means to an end. They were never getting Bernie as president or even vice president. Elizabeth Warren is nearly as radioactive as Harris at this point.

Harris’ ineptitude is a hilarious watch at this point. We all saw how badly her own campaign flamed out. She could not handle the process of triangulating between progressives and centrists in the 2020 primaries. Before she bowed out, she was essentially in the Tulsi Gabbard tier. It’s not the most auspicious start and things really haven’t gotten much better since.

The Democrats probably thought that her race and gender were going to be assets in a 2024 election but she might be even less likable than Hillary. This is not a feat that we thought possible. Someone like Trump or DeSantis would have a field day with her. An experienced politician like DeSantis would have all sorts of material to work with and he’s likely licking his chops at the opportunity. We’ll leave you with this report from Politico:

“Does a secret voluntary one-termer put four-term Franklin over the fireplace?” quipped one Democrat connected to the White House, referring to the FDR portrait hanging in Biden’s Oval Office.

According to his allies, Biden believes that he is the Democrat best equipped to take on Trump, just as he did in the lead up to 2020. They also say that is driven by the idea that his legacy could be that of the president who defeated Trump and Trumpism, which he sees as an ugly, corrosive movement.

As Trump has gotten more serious about running again, so too has the Biden team’s resolve to seek a second term. But regardless of whether Trump pulls the trigger, the 2024 campaign is still poised to be a contest between the Biden legacy and Trump’s party. And Democrats close to the White House say that Trump’s grip on Republicans may be motivation enough.”

There you have it, folks! The Harris succession plan is no more….


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