Black Caucus: Exclusive to Democrats? We Think Not.

Black Caucus: Exclusive to Democrats? We Think Not.

The Congressional Black Caucus was established in 1971 so that policy and legislation could be created to ensure that Black Americans had equal rights and opportunities. It wasn’t just to help Black Americans but all marginalized communities.

Within the National Archives, the description of the CBC specifically identifies that it is a non-partisan body comprised of African American members of Congress.

Now, Representative Byron Donalds, a Republican Representative out of Florida, has said that he was denied admittance into the CBC because he’s a Republican.

This is a big problem. The CBC is supposed to be non-partisan. By not allowing Donalds in because of his political slant means that Congress wants to control what is and isn’t being done for people of color.

Particularly when Democrats want to promote the idea that the country is systemically racist, adding a member of the GOP to the mix could be problematic. They may find that the country isn’t systemically racist – and simply saying that it allows people to blame their problems on race instead of their lack of motivation.

Donalds took to CNN to discuss how he was denied access to joining the CBC.

Brianna Keilar, the CNN host, listened to Donalds explain how he thought it was a bad decision for the CBC to deny him entrance. He feels that the caucus could benefit from hearing his perspective. As a member of the GOP, after all, he represents approximately half of the country.

Keilar wasn’t having any of it. She berated him for being a Republican and wanted to demonize him and all Republicans because of their connection to Trump.

The CNN host felt that Donalds, a black man, had thoughts/positions that were “incongruous” to being a member of the Black Caucus.

Is he black? Yes. That should automatically allow him into the CBC. Yet, it’s the fact that he’s a Republican that is a challenge. They don’t want a difference of opinion in there – and that’s exactly why Donalds is fighting to be a part of it. The difference of opinion will ensure every American who is a person of color is getting their best interests looked after.

Donalds has been vocal about his ability to offer knowledge and insight. He’s quick to say that he’s a 42-year-old black man who has come up in America. He grew up as a poor kid in Brooklyn. He’s a self-made man.

The problem is that goes against what the Democrats want to say. The Democrats want to show that every black person suffers. They cannot become self-made. They cannot come up in America. Why? Systemic racism.

It’s BS and Donalds wants to call them out on it.

Keilar made a number of false claims during the interview. First, she said that voting bills would restrict access to lack Americans. No, Donalds reminds her – it would actually increase their access.

So, Keilar goes in for another attack to say that Donalds supporting Trump is questionable since he was a white supremacist. Again, false, and Donalds explains that supporting Trump doesn’t mean that his thoughts are “incongruent” with the CBC’s mission.

Donalds has thoughts – and they’re important ones that should be shared with the CBC. However, somewhere along the line, the CBC decided that they no longer wanted to be nonpartisan. They wanted to be screaming liberals that would blame all of their problems on white people. And their number one target is Donald Trump. Therefore, all members of the GOP are bad and are not welcome on the CBC.

If they want a fight, they’ve got one. Donalds has no plans on letting this issue go. He’s educated, he’s aware, and he’s a proud member of the GOP. We may have found ourselves a new hero, and he’s ready to be the voice of not only black Americans but conservative Americans as a whole.


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