Biden’s Americans Last Agenda! Biden Dismantles Office Charged With Helping Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime

Biden’s Americans Last Agenda! Biden Dismantles Office Charged With Helping Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime

The Biden administration made yet another announcement that is centered around the idea of serving as a Trump antidote. Biden has been particularly gleeful about the prospect of dismantling Trump-era policies and offices. This story is no different.

The Victim Of Immigration Crime Engagement Office was created by the Trump administration. It served a very important purpose but now ICE says that it is no more. Instead of having an entire department that is designed to handle these concerns, they have been replaced by a service line. Biden calls it The Victims Engagement and Services Line.

If this seems petty to most, that’s because it is. The office has been in existence since 2017, as Trump put the plans in place with an executive order. One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to take care of Angel families, those who have been victimized by crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is all about the new plan, referring to it as “a more comprehensive and inclusive victim support system.” This administration loves “re-imagining” all of these hot button topics but it is plain to see that nothing is ever going to actually change in a meaningful way.

The topics of immigration, migration, and immigration reform are too important to play around in such a way. The new website for the helpline is already up and the front page explains how it can serve as a helpful tool:

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Victims Engagement and Services Line (VESL) serves as a comprehensive and inclusive support system for all victims, regardless of immigration status or the immigration status of the perpetrator. This includes guidance on available U- and T-visa resources and information about the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Blue Campaign to counter human trafficking.

VESL will serve as a streamlined and all-encompassing access point for all victims with several service options:

*Detention Reporting and Information Line (DRIL) – Provides victims the ability to report incidents of sexual or physical assault, abuse, mistreatment or human trafficking in ICE detention.
*Victim Notification System Access – ICE and DOJ/BOP’s longstanding VINE and VNS systems provide push notifications about a detainee’s or inmate’s custody status, case outcome and other basic information to victims, lawyers and others with a vested interest in the outcome of a case.
*Victim Assistance Support – Provides general assistance and information for victims including assistance for victims of child exploitation, assistance for victims of human trafficking, assistance with local resources and social service professionals, U- and T-visa information, and training and other services provided by ICE for law enforcement agencies and community organizations.”

The policy slant here is easy enough to understand. They are looking to prop themselves as the anti-Trump administration and appeal to the liberals at the same time. Biden says that he wants to break the pattern of Trump linking immigrants to crime. However, the VOICE office was only put into place for those who have been the victims of actual crimes.

This is where the disconnect takes place. The mainstream media would love to demonize Trump and that’s all they have done since he had the chance to take office. According to MSN, the critics of the VOICE office had real reasons to dismantle it:

“Its most recent quarterly report for the last three months of 2018 said it fielded 781 calls during the three-month period—and that just 256 of the calls pertained to services it offered. About half were for requests on the status of immigration cases, and many of the rest were for requests for victim assistance.”

What they do not realize is that illegal immigrants are committing a crime from the first second that they cross the border. This is breaking and entering. From there, they feel entitled to remain here illegally and that’s where the bigger problems come into play. The families of the victims deserve the chance to receive justice.


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