Biden’s America on the World Stage! China Ramps up Nuclear Arsenal in Response to Clueless US President

Biden’s America on the World Stage! China Ramps up Nuclear Arsenal in Response to Clueless US President

Joe Biden promised us a “return to normal international relations” when he was elected president. Of course, people wanted to know what effect these plans would have on the relationship that we have with the Chinese. However, we do not have great news to report on this front. The Chinese are said to have made a major expansion, as far their tactical weapons inventory is concerned.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute believes that they are increasing the inventory at a rate that has not been seen in quite some time. 30 nuclear warheads have been added already, in addition to ICBMs and other delivery systems. Their defense budget has been increased at a prodigious rate at all.

Chinese-American tensions have never been higher, which leads us to wonder what is going to happen next. Things seem to be building to an untenable point. Tense encounters are already beginning to take place, as the South China Sea has become a particularly problematic area of contention. The Free Beacon has more about these growing tensions:

“China is expanding its nuclear arsenal as tensions with the United States escalate, according to a report.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, a Swedish think tank, reported Monday that Beijing’s nuclear warhead stockpile increased from 320 in 2020 to 350 in 2021. China’s missile buildup comes as its overall defense budget increases rapidly, while its relations with the United States struggle. The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force, the Chinese military’s nuclear program, is considered among the most advanced and lethal components of Beijing’s military.

The 2022 Chinese defense budget marks a 7 percent hike in known spending—which does not include covert spending through civil-military fusion, a process where Chinese companies share technology and research tools with the Chinese military. The Biden administration, however, has planned for a “flat” Pentagon budget.”

As for China, they have all sorts of new and advanced weapons to lord over the rest of the world. The “Guam killer” missiles that they currently have at their disposal are said to be able to carry nuclear warheads. This seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through for an island as small as Guam but this is what they have decided upon.

Pentagon officials are starting to become worried as well, as there is a growing belief that China could reach a “nuclear overmatch” with the US within the next ten years. In the meantime, Biden is looking to freeze the military budget going forward. We’re not sure how that is going to happen. Perhaps he is going to start “defunding” various branches?

There is no denying the fact that the Chinese are getting progressively more aggressive about their position on the international stage. They are probably of the belief that someone is going to attack them over the release of the coronavirus. At any rate, China is expanding their aircraft carrier capabilities and military outposts on a group of disputed islands in the South China Sea are also being developed.

Xi Jinping does not look to be too concerned about the US response to any of these provocations at the moment. Hong Kong and Taiwan are already paying the price. To be frank, why would China even have to be worried? There’s no way that the US is going to find themselves embroiled in a long-term conflict with the Chinese unless the first shot is fired on their side and there is no choice left but to defend ourselves.

If the US can possibly avoid coming to blows with China, we will. Meanwhile, there are others who are worried that we may be unwitting participants in an arms race that has already begun without us. The Chinese do not care what we are doing or we are not doing. They are going to continue to amass weaponry, until the day comes where they decide that they have to use it. It’s unnerving to say the very least.


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