Harris Gives Texas the Silent Treatment Over Border Issues

Harris Gives Texas the Silent Treatment Over Border Issues

Kamala Harris shouldn’t be too shocked that she’s polling as one of the worst VPs ever. She’s acting like a petulant child over the border crisis. Rather than talking to Governor Greg Abbott of Texas to discuss what’s going on and how she can help, she’s chosen to give him the silent treatment.

Texas has been the state most impacted by President Biden’s decisions and the mass migration that’s happening at the southern border. Although VP Harris was appointed to address the situation, he has done nothing.

Harris has continuously stated that she’s focused on the “root cause” and that she has no intentions of visiting the southern border. Fine. However, shouldn’t she at least reach out to the governor dealing with the crisis firsthand?

Abbott has made it clear as to the kind of help that he’s gotten: “The president hasn’t called, the vice president hasn’t called. The only person I’ve talked to are some folks in the Department of Homeland Security, and that was a long time ago.”

Why hasn’t Harris bothered to call Abbott? After all, she could ask about the kind of support the state needs, learn more about the comprehensiveness of the problem and even learn what Abbott’s take is on the root cause.

Instead, she’d rather give him the silent treatment. By doing so, Abbott has been left to believe that the Biden administration is looking to pretend as though there is no border problem.

Neither Biden nor Harris are talking about the problem plaguing the Texas border. It’s a non-issue as far as they’re concerned. On an episode of the “Ruthless podcast,” Abbott was asked whether he felt alone regarding the border crisis. He responded affirmatively – and so the governor has had to take steps to improve the situation on his own.

Since the Biden administration wants to pretend as there is no problem, Abbott has to do something. Anyone who has seen the border knows that there is very much a problem. There are too many people, too many crimes, and too much money being spent.

$1 billion of Texas’ fiscal year budget has already been allocated to completing the border wall’s construction. Abbott has been clear about the need to finish building the border. Otherwise, people are going to continue illegally crossing into the country (and the state).

Abbott has spoken to the border patrol agents – and they’re all being overrun. They simply cannot deal with the massive amounts of people crossing on a weekly and monthly basis. Yet, Harris won’t visit to see the problem for herself.

What’s worse is that since Abbott has had to take matters into his own hands, the Biden administration is furious. Rather than Biden or Harris picking up the phone to call Abbott and address the problems, the administration is filing lawsuits against Abbott. This includes threats to sue because Abbott has talked about closing the state-licensed facilities that are housing thousands of migrants.

Two can play that game – Abbott’s been working on lawsuits for the Biden administration, too. Much of this has to do with the release of immigrants into the state. It is leading to too many criminals being released, causing a danger to the communities found throughout Texas.

Oh, but wait…

Harris has done something to help. She visited both Guatemala and Mexico to hold press conferences where she literally stood in front of a podium and said, “Do not come.”

Wow, she’s such a big help. Now that the VP of the U.S. has told people not to come, that should certainly slow down migration…

How the Biden administration is handling the border crisis is a joke. The only one seeming to deal with the problem head-on is Abbott. As he races in to do Harris’ job, she can’t even bother to call him to find out how she can help.


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