Murderous Killers Gearing up to Defend Their Right to Legally Kill

Murderous Killers Gearing up to Defend Their Right to Legally Kill

The pressure to keep killing babies legal is a stressful matter for the pro-choice crowd. It is so stressful for them that they fear that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade in the near future. Their fear revolves around the case from Mississippi that the court heard concerning banning abortions after 15 weeks.

Abortion is a fancy term conjured up by the Democrats to make murder seem less offensive. The case that was heard out of Mississippi makes the killers nervous because they see it as a first step on the road to overturning Roe v. Wade.

One report noted that “In accepting the [Mississippi] case for next term, the court said it would examine whether ‘all pre-viability prohibitions on elective abortions are unconstitutional.’ That has been a key component of the court’s jurisprudence, and the announcement sounded ominous to abortion rights advocates.”

The abortionists take this as a threat. So, they are actively preparing scenarios in order for them to be able to continue killing once the laws change on them. The liberals are scared that they will lose their murder-free card and end up facing the consequences of exterminating human life.

The part about their fight that makes it dirty is that they are willing to use any excuse to get people on board with killing babies. They used the pandemic to start “recruiting new members and online providers, adding new privacy features that could shield them from law enforcement and organizing,” according to a report.

Their dirty methods of subtle attacks on life make them children of the devil. One key member of the group, Mountain Access Brigade, noted that “Even though our work is legal and we’re not doing anything wrong, we operate under the assumption what we do could become illegal at any time.” Proving that they need the law to protect them from something they know is morally wrong.

The nameless person from the Brigade needed to stay in the shadows to avoid any attacks. This person revealed that their group is helping to devise an underground transportation service that will take women for a ride that want to kill their baby. They even are trying to set up a service to provide abortion drugs and other services.

There is nothing a Democrat will not do to keep alive the methods they use to kill human babies. They try to offer to fund for people to afford the procedure and even who to contact to get the job done. They thrive on putting out hit contracts on innocent children.

These people are scrambling to find ways around the law that have not even changed yet. They are so scared that they cannot sleep at night or even let their names out for fear that they might be found. They live in a world full of intrigue and made-up fantasies. They see assassins on every corner.

The Democratic Party will do just about anything to connect women with baby killers. These so-called doctors have been found to have collected baby parts and put them in jars like trophies. To them, killing unborn children is nothing more than sport and a way to make money. That is why they seek to provide free rides and exams to those that need them. They thrive on convincing the girl to abort her baby.

Biden and his liberal FDA used the pandemic to ship baby-killing drugs to women. They found a way to cut out the doctor from performing medical exams. They opened the door for the woman to have an abortion at home. But no one ever thought about what happens after the abortion is done. Another way the Democrats think of ideas but never the consequences.

At-home abortions are dangerous and deadly. The woman can develop medical problems that could lead to death. The Democrats would never care because all they want to do is give the pill but never share in on the responsibility of the act of murder. Liberals need Roe v. Wade to remain so they can move around freely with their baby-killing devices.


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