Finally the Truth! Dem Rep Confirms That Without Election Fraud Democrats Would Loose House Seats (Video)

Finally the Truth! Dem Rep Confirms That Without Election Fraud Democrats Would Loose House Seats (Video)

The Democrats are the biggest bunch of cheaters this side of the Houston Astros. They do not care if anyone notices, either. They clearly subscribe to the old adage about cheating, the one that says if you are not cheating, you are not trying hard enough. Former Democrat Representative Donna Edwards is all but confirming the party’s reliance on election fraud here.

When she joined this MSNBC panel to talk about voter integrity legislation, we already had a rough idea of what to expect. She probably did not mean to let the cat out of the bag to this extent, though. If these states are willing to pass election integrity legislation, the Democrats’ chances of winning are all but vaporized.

Illegal ballot harvesting is going to fall by the wayside and voter ID cards will be implemented, at least if the right-wing has anything to say about it. How many elections can be stolen before changes are made? It’s truly that easy to fix and we are tired of people making excuses to the contrary. This MSNBC interview is a great watch for anyone who is looking for the Democrats to be put in their proper place.

“Well, and Donna Edwards, this political stalemate on voting rights legislation is because Congressional Republicans blocked it and the reality is reforming the filibuster doesn’t seem like an actual possibility with the votes in the Senate. What can the president actually do here?” the host asks. This is a good question and Edwards’ answer is going to tell you everything that you need to know.

“Well, you know, for Democrats, I mean, it is both a moral crisis of, you know, black voters, minority voters being really shut out of the process, but it also means that it’s a political crisis for Democrats. These rules and restrictive rules that have put in place in the state are such that it could really cost Democrats seats in the House and the Senate and that is how serious it is, and so I think that there’s going to have to be a level of urgency raised by the White House, by the president, by the vice president around the country both inside and outside strategy that is going to lift up the need to do voting rights, not in a year or down the line, but right now and I don’t know that I’ve seen that urgency yet.”

She’s saying the quiet part loud, everyone. Edwards wants the world to know that the Democrats cannot win if the playing field has been leveled. That’s a sad thing for any political party to admit. You would think that they would have more bluster. Instead, they are essentially taking their ball and going home.

Edwards is merely saying what the rest of them will not. They are pretending that these new proposals are racist and designed to box minority voters out of the proceedings. No one can explain how that is going to happen but they think that if they can shriek about these things for a long enough time, they will be able to put a stop to it all.

That is never going to happen but who are we to tell them not to dream? It’s not like this party cares about coming up with any sort of intelligent counterpoint. If they are told that new laws need to be implemented, they stamp their feet and call it racist. That’s their whole plan and if it doesn’t work, the tantrums only intensify.

There is no rest for the wicked, as they look to impose their point of view on anyone and everyone. It’s beyond sad but no one in their party seems all that willing to do anything about it. The Democrats have admitted that they cannot win an election without engaging in fraud and we should all be noting it. No one should be taking them seriously at this point.


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