Chicago is Falling Apart as it Hands Condoms to 5th Graders

Chicago is Falling Apart as it Hands Condoms to 5th Graders

Chicago doesn’t know how to be a normal city. They are falling apart, and it’s because they refuse to deal with the problems head-on.

Each and every weekend, there are gunshots that ring out. People end up dead because of the various turf wars and the drive-bys. Yet, Mayor Lori Lightfoot turns her head so that she doesn’t see it all. The governor and even the Biden administration are doing the same thing.

For Chicago, it’s easier to avoid that problem entirely.

They’ll focus on another problem – teen pregnancy. Okay, so that would mean talking to students about abstinence, right?

Nope. This is Chicago. You didn’t expect them to approach this problem rationally, did you?

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will be launching a new program this fall – free condoms to students fifth grade and older.

What does the average fifth grader know about condoms? Not much. Most would rather blow them up as balloons than use them for sex.

And is giving out condoms really going to address the teen pregnancy problems? After all, free condoms are essentially encouraging everyone to go out and have sex. While it’s a safer alternative than to not use condoms, it is not 100% foolproof. Condoms break, leading to pregnancies.

The new policy by CPS was passed by the Board of Education in December. All of the schools will need to maintain a condom availability program. This means that 600 CPS schools will be keeping a plentiful stock of condoms around so that students can get them as they please. They hope that it will cut down on teen pregnancies as well as HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The liberal city seems to be forgetting an important issue: oversexualizing students.

Students shouldn’t be handed condoms. They should be told about the dangers of having sex too young. They should be discouraged from having sex. Let’s also not forget that Chicago has a high population of Catholics. The church teaches that abstinence should be maintained until marriage.

This is just par for the course, though. Politicians don’t listen to parents. They do what they want no matter how loudly the parents complain. It means that parents don’t even get a say as to whether their kids are being given condoms or not.

The liberals believe that this program is a step in the right direction. Dr. Kenneth Fox, the top doctor for Chicago Public Schools explains that “Young people have the right to accurate and clear information to make healthy decisions.” While this is true, they shouldn’t be handed condoms and sent on their merry way.

Kids aren’t responsible enough to take condoms and know how to make healthy decisions. After all, kids are still kids. They’re the ones faking positive COVID tests to avoid going to school. They forget their homework and they forget to give parents permission slips. Oh, but they’ll remember to slip on a condom before they have sex. Sure….

Chicago is proving that they don’t know how to handle any problem properly. They ignore the gun violence entirely. Then, they address teen pregnancy statistics carelessly by handing students condoms so that they can have more sex.

What’s next? Maybe Chicago will just start handing out bulletproof vests to address the gun violence. And maybe they’ll start handing out sex toys as a way to encourage abstinence.

What happens when a city full of liberals ignores common sense? Chicago is a perfect example of what happens. Ignorance at every turn and a city full of people that could get shot at – but at least they have a pocket full of condoms.


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