Wage Suppression: Focus on It and Americans Jump to the Front of the Line

Let’s talk about wage suppression. It’s been happening for decades because employers are controlling the wages of Americans. It’s leading to a significant amount of inequality – and raises have not been following cost of living adjustments

By focusing on wage suppression, we can start to put Americans first.

However, that’s the problem. The federal government isn’t interested in putting Americans first, which is why wage suppression continues to be an ignored issue in the U.S.

Mo Brooks, a candidate for the U.S. Senate stood at the CPAC Dallas event and explained why Republicans need to “have the courage to stand up for the average American.” I

Right now, it seems that everyone is eager to cater to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other entities that are “hellbent on punishing Americans.” Brooks said that this is done not only through wage suppression but also by handing jobs to illegal aliens and those with lawful work visas.

Why are jobs being handed to migrants over Americans? Every other country puts its citizens first. Yet, in the U.S., Americans are told to get to the back of the line behind those who have been given work visas – and even those who have entered the country illegally.

There’s a problem when no one seems to be fighting for Americans. Why are wages still being suppressed? Why are work visas still being handed out?

There are wage inequalities found throughout virtually every industry across the U.S. Meanwhile, work visas are still being distributed even though there are qualified Americans looking to fill those positions.

The most physically demanding jobs are the ones that want to pay the least. It’s all because of wage suppression. Yet, the liberals insist that the migrants are needed to fill those positions because Americans won’t.

That’s not entirely true. Pay what the job is worth and watch how those jobs are filled by Americans.

The liberals want to change the rules of the game in order to make room for the migrants. Wage suppression is the way that they’ve been able to win – and it’s not fair to the millions of Americans who simply demand to be paid properly.

For years, the Chamber of Commerce has been seen as tied to the Republican Party. Clearly, things have shifted, though. During the 2020 election, they endorsed over 20 Dems for reelection. Further, CEO Thomas Donahue praised Biden’s rollback of various Trump-era immigration policies.

Why the praise? It allows for wage suppression to continue because there will be plenty of illegal immigrants who are willing to work for the lower wages.

Brooks has said that this is the top priority of the Chamber of Commerce. By suppressing wages, they hurt American families. It also becomes a constant source of government dependency.

Brooks wants to see more (and new) people elected to the White House and Congress who are dedicated to fixing wage suppression issues as well as the problems at the southern border.

To poke the Biden administration, he comments “Our elected officials have made a lot of bad decisions and Americans have suffered as a consequence.”

Democrats couldn’t disagree more, though. They want the illegal immigrants to enter – even if it means that there are thousands of Americans who die every year as a result of the crimes committed by illegal aliens.

Veronica Escobar, a Democratic Representative out of Texas welcomed Kamala Harris to El Paso, calling it the “new Ellis Island.” She wants to close her eyes and pretend that El Paso is the welcome gate to the U.S., as New York was for Europeans a century ago. She forgets that those entering Ellis Island were actually processed legally.

There really is a problem in the U.S. when we have to fight so that Americans come first.


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